Former Fla. State Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff Witnesses New York Drugstore Burglary

Former state representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff and her husband, John Ward, wanted to go to New York to enjoy the holiday season, but witnessing a burglary wasn’t in their plans.

In between sampling New York pizzerias, they’ve had some fun surprises, like stumbling onto the filming of a scene for the new season of the Sex and the City show, And Just Like That. One surprise they didn’t count on was being in a drugstore on the seemingly safe upper east side during a burglary. Ward posted about the incident on his Facebook page.

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On today’s edition of “What the @&$? Just happened,” I was shopping in Duane Reade for water and juice, and two guys came in and robbed the store while I was there. I looked at the security guard while the two guys were robbing the store and said to him, ‘what’s the point of you even having a job here? You’re no better than these two guys robbing the store.’ And the two thieves walked out like no big deal.” ~John Ward

Elizabeth Fetterhoff and her husband, John Ward

Ward said that he and his wife were in the store and saw the whole thing. Two guys came in with large blue bags and cleared the shelves of as many cosmetics and whatnot as they could fit in the bags. The security guard did nothing. When he questioned the guard, he said, “what do you expect me to do about it?”

Elizabeth Fetterhoff, a military veteran, wasn’t afraid but couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed.

Elizabeth Fetterhoff


Crime in Florida Declined at a Rate Nearly Ten Times the National Average… Here’s Why

Witnessing these young men stealing items without regard for the law was shocking. The inaction of the security guard and the cashier’s frustration at being unable to do something were genuinely disheartening to us. The inaction of businesses and local governments to voice their disgust and take action is leading to higher prices and lower quality of life. I see this as a prime example of how we’re doing the right things in Florida to ensure that our businesses and citizens are safe from such lawlessness. ~Elizabeth Fetterhoff

No wonder so many New Yorkers are fleeing to the sunshine state.

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