Former DINO Robert Weinroth Goes RINO, Runs for School Board

Last week, Florida Jolt broke the news that former Democrat county commissioner Robert Weinroth switched parties and is now running for school board as a Republican. Democrat Frank Barbieri, who currently holds the seat, is retiring. The problem for Weinroth is that there are two sides to politics, and he has to pick one. We all want to know, is this guy a D pretending to be an R or an R pretending to be a D?

Former Democrat County Commissioner Robert Weinroth is now running for school board as a Republican.

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Instead of running for a seat where a party is a factor, he’s decided to run for a school board seat when education is the most significant political and ideological divide in politics.

The big upset for Weinroth happened last November when he lost his reelection to Republican newcomer Marci Woodward. Democrat Weinroth claimed to “really be a Republican.” He straddled both sides of the fence, a strategy that worked to attract many voters at one time but no longer worked this time when Republicans decided they had had enough and Democrats just weren’t excited enough by their choices to come out and vote. 

This picture represents Republicans and Democrats. They’re wearing boxing gloves because politics is a partisan sport. If you’re going to get in the ring, you can’t play on both sides.

Fast forward to now, and Weinroth interviews with unapologetic leftist conspiracy theorist Randy Schultz, a former Palm Beach Post writer and occasional Sun Sentinel contributor whose career must have taken a nosedive since he now works for something called Boca Mag. He must have gone to Schultz, thinking he would treat him in a friendly manner. Boy, was he wrong.

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Every writer paints a story for their readers, complete with a villain and a hero. They know who their audience is. Legacy media is Liberal. They are not fair and impartial, which is why the media outlet Florida Jolt exists. We offer an unapologetic alternative to legacy media and will always state when information is news or opinion. Our readers deserve that.

Leftist extremist Schultz’s villain is always a Republican. Weinroth either didn’t get this memo, or he thinks he can straddle the fence again as a self-proclaimed moderate which seems to mean that he says he’s a Republican but votes like a Democrat.

Political Team. Republican Elephant and Democrat donkey smiling with arms around each other’s shoulders. There are elected positions where the party doesn’t matter, but school boards are currently highly partisan.

Schultz interviewed Weinroth and asked him some questions that Jolt had posed days earlier. Weinroth didn’t dance around the questions. He answered them and showed us who he was, a Democrat. Unfortunately for him, Weinroth’s leftist answers didn’t satisfy Schultz, who must see him as a traitorous Republican enemy and wrote his story accordingly. 

Let’s break down what Weinroth told his liberal ally, Schultz.

Weinroth doesn’t feel that either party “resonates” with him, but the GOP is more closely aligned with him regarding business issues. In other words, Weinroth doesn’t like either party.

Weinroth opposes the parental rights bill, known by his former party as the “don’t say gay bill.” He did say that he was okay with the current law, which goes through third grade. So apparently, by the transitive property of Weinroth, when a child turns nine, it is entirely okay to teach sexual identity, change a child’s name, and start referring to the child by a different gender, all while keeping the information secret from parents.

Weinroth opposes the parental rights bill, known by his former party as the don't say gay bill. Click to Tweet
Liberal Donkey caught in a Conservative Elephant suit.

The parental rights bill is really about one thing. Do you believe parents have the right to impose their thoughts, values, and ideas on their children, or do you feel that school administrators and teachers should impose their views? Weinroth’s answers show he’s not on the side of parents.

Weinroth's answers show he's not on the side of parents. Click to Tweet

Weinroth is against school vouchers, a Republican bill that will pass this week on the floor of the Florida House. He opposes school choice, a top priority for the Florida Legislature and Republicans everywhere. 

Florida Jolt Director of Content Amanda Silvestri is a former school board candidate and a parent. Amanda represents many parents who have questions for potential school board members. Children are precious, and parents want to know what’s happening when their children are in school.

Weinroth also opposes another Republican bill that will make school board races partisan. 

The last kiss of death is when Schultz said that Weinroth didn’t know the answer to how much the legislature has required counties to put toward the education budget.

Folks, Schultz did his friend Weinroth dirty, but he did show readers that in his social heart, Weinroth is a Democrat.

Jolt posed many questions for Weinroth, some of which have now been answered. Some others that parents like Florida Jolt Director of Content and former school board candidate Amanda Silvestri would like to know is what are Weinroth’s ideas for school safety. She points out that we know what Robert Weinroth doesn’t stand for, so what does Robert Weinroth stand for?

See what Silvestri wants Weinroth to answer.

At the end of the day, why should anyone vote for Robert Weinroth?

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