Former Catholic Grade School Hosts Demonic-Looking Drag Queen, Celebrates ‘Rainbow Day’

A former Canadian Catholic school turned hyper-progressive public school called St. Matthew’s recently forced young children into celebrating LGBT pride month, proudly posting photos of children adorned with “pride” clothing and several variations of the LGBT pride flag as part of “rainbow day.”

Videos posted of the “pride parade” event and subsequent dance show the elementary-age children jumping around while older-looking individuals, presumably teachers, drape pride flags over their shoulders. A ghoulish-looking drag queen can be seen walking among and singing to the juveniles in the videos provided below.

Photos from the event also show the drag queen giving a pride presentation to the school’s children, whose grades range from kindergarten to seventh grade.

Photograph of the visibly unsettling drag queen kicking off “pride festivities.” Photo from @csbarrysmt on Twitter.


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The Canadian public school system acquired the religious private school in 1998, according to the Gateway Pundit. Little over 20 years later, the cross that once welcomed visitors has been replaced by an overhead rainbow celebrating homosexuality, among other things, to children too young to understand its implications.

In the leadup to the event, Meghan Devereaux, a teacher at St. Matthew’s, advertised “rainbow day” to parents on Twitter.

The teacher ended up hiding several critical replies to her tweet.

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Onlookers revolted against the school and its staff, condemning the sexualization of children being approved in the name of “pride.”

“Disgusting filth and degeneracy. Exposing young children to this. Detestable. This makes me sick. This wasn’t normal or acceptable a few years ago. You people are on the wrong side of history.” ~CatSupremacy9 on Twitter

Another commenter slammed the indoctrination efforts of the left, saying that radical-left efforts are behind the massive spike in “trans” and LGBT people.

“No wonder there’s a social contagion of kids deciding they’re trans. What kind of kid who is feeling depressed or not popular wouldn’t want to be celebrated and instantly held up as brave and loved simply for declaring their pronouns are now ‘they/them’?”

Nearly one in five people from the Generation Z demographic identify as LGBT, according to a 2021 Gallup poll – almost double their millennial predecessors. This sudden and “unexplainable” increase has led many to speculate that the leftist takeover of public education may be the culprit.

Even other liberals attacked St. Matthew’s, suggesting they bring in an “accomplished trans person” rather than the drag queen.

“If you really had “pride”, why not invite an accomplished trans professional to speak to the kids instead of a dancer? Is dancing and shaking their butts at kids the best you got?” ~@CryptoKim5 on Twitter

As the pressure increased, the school restricted access to its Twitter account – making many photos and videos of the event unavailable to the general public. Considering the radical “tolerance” agenda of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, St. Matthews is likely far from the only school subjecting its blissfully ignorant children to LGBT indoctrination.

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