Floridians, check your ballots,1,600 address mistakes in Broward so far

The Supervisor of Elections office in Broward County, Florida, is fixing address mistakes for 1,577 voters after their information was mixed up after redistricting. and they’re not the only county.

A resident reached out to NBC 6 after she noticed that her zip code and address were changed on the county’s website, as her area of residence changed from Wilton Manors to Pompano Beach. The resident shared screenshots of online forums to NBC 6, while others sent emails disclosing the errors.

“Some of the cities that you may live in, you may at times get mail that has a different city than the one you live in,” Scott, a Supervisor, said.

Scott informed NBC 6 that this error occurred for 1,577  voters, which represents 0.1% of all voters in the county.

These errors are a result of redistricting, which occurs every 10 years.

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With 31 different municipalities, many residents in Broward live at the same address but in different cities.

The Supervisor claimed the computer program redrawing the precincts and maps could not tell the difference, which led to the mix-up in the election processes.

Broward isn’t the only county having this problem.

In Palm Beach County, a software glitch resulted in 135 “potentially incorrect” ballots, Palm Beach County elections spokeswoman Alison Novoa said. The elections office identified the issue “within days” of their initial mailing on July 18 and immediately sent out updated ballots to those voters, Novoa said. Palm Beach County has 992,000 registered voters. ~ YahooNews

“There’s always that opportunity for a mistake,” Scott said, “In this case, the program believed that Wilton Manors was in Pompano.”

NBC 6 has requested information from the company that created the map-making software but has yet to hear back.

Wanting to know if other residents in Wilton Manors have experienced the same issues for the upcoming August 23rd primaries, NBC 6 sent reporters to interview county residents.

“I think it’s kind of screwed up,” resident Michael Sansevero said.

Sansevero has lived in Wilton Manors since 2010. He checked online to see if his information was correct and verified it was.

Debby Eisinger, who previously served as Cooper City mayor, is currently a Fort Lauderdale resident and claimed that she received an incorrect ballot, according to Yahoo News.

“It was mailed to my residence, but I knew it wasn’t the right precinct,” Eisinger said. “I knew who the candidates were where I live.”

“I went on to my computer and pulled up my voter-registration information, Debby continued, and it opened the sample ballot to sure enough prove that what I received in the mail was not correct.”

Many who were spoken to within the county were unsure whether or not their information was accurate, something Supervisor Scott pleads to double check for the sake of their ability to vote on election day.

“We urge you to take a look at that voter information card, and if anything looks concerning on their, please give us a call,” Scott said.

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