Florida’s Sheriff Ivey announces heavily armed deputies, violence in schools to be met with violence

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced measures to station resource officers with long guns on school campuses in the district to deter and prevent attacks.

Sheriff Ivey posted a video to his Facebook page explaining the rationale behind these measures and committing to preventing a Uvalde situation from happening to a school in Brevard county or anywhere else in Florida.

Long Gun

Quoting Chinese military strategist and The Art of War author Sun Tzu, Ivey said, “Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.” Ivey argues that following this philosophy means outclassing one’s enemy in training, equipment, and strategy before a battle even starts.

“My first goal to win the battle is by making sure our schools are hard targets so that anyone with evil in their heart will think twice about coming onto one of our campuses and trying to harm a child or one of our teachers.”

Ivey stressed that he hopes these measures will prevent a violent situation from ever arriving in the first place out of pure deterrence but notes they will be preventative if ever necessary.

“You are Not Coming into my Schools and Killing our Children”

Ivey also announced several changes to school resource deputies to help them perform this role better. They will change their uniform to be more tactical, distinguishing them from average officers, and receive more extensive training. These officers will carry long guns by default, a shift from the earlier policy that necessitated Resource Deputies to return to their vehicles’ gun safe to retrieve their rifles.

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Ivey explains that these measures represent a deterrent by indicating the resource officers’ competence but also have practical combat benefits should the need arise.

The NRA lauded Sheriff Ivey for these policies on Twitter.

Addressing parental concerns about the potential intimidating presence of these officers, Ivey noted that buildings with this style of protection, such as Israeli airports, don’t get shot up. He attributes this to better preparation and argues that any potential intimidation is worth the security.

Ivey concluded the video by re-assuring the audience.

I hope everyone has a great school year, trust me when I tell ya, that our team is standing guard at the door to keep evil away. God bless.

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