Florida Woman Pulls Gun in McDonald’s Drive-Thru Over Free Cookie

Florida Woman Amari Hendricks, 24, took the ride to the Seminole County Jail after a dispute over a free cookie at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru led to a charge of aggravated assault with a Firearm, as well as a few other charges.

Hendricks was in line at an Altamonte Springs McDonald’s drive-thru located on South State Road 434 when she started to get irate over a free cookie. Ms. Hendricks believed she was entitled to a free cookie because the staff did not ask her about the McDonald’s Rewards Program as they are required to do.

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After a bit of back and forth about the cookie, an employee eventually presented her with a free cookie, but it seemed that was not enough to satisfy Hendricks, and she continued to argue with the staff.

Amari Hendricks

Employees told Altamonte Police that Hendricks started yelling at them and, at the same time, pulled out a black semi-automatic pistol, inserted a magazine, racked the slide, and loaded a round in the chamber. An employee stated that Hendricks then pointed the gun at the drive-thru window.

The firearms display scared staffers, several of whom told police they feared for their lives. The staff backed away from the drive-thru window and moved into the restaurant’s interior, where they attempted to lock the front door.

Hendricks exited her vehicle, went to the front door, and managed to force her way into the restaurant. Once inside, Hendricks attacked a male worker and scratched him on his face and neck. Meanwhile, another staff member called 911, and Altamonte police were dispatched in reference to a woman with a gun in her hand.

Upon arrival, police were advised that Hendricks had fled, but they caught up with her, and she was pulled over a block from the scene.

According to the report, a loaded gun was found on the driver’s side floorboards.

Police told Hendricks she was under arrest. Hendricks initially refused to comply with officers’ demands but was eventually taken into custody.

Hendricks was transported to the Seminole County Jail. She was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, aggravated battery causing bodily harm, and resisting an officer without violence.

Hendricks, a fast-food manager herself, went before a judge Friday afternoon.

“There is an allegation of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill,” The judge said.

“You are to possess no firearms or ammunition as a condition of your release,” the judge said.

Initially, Hendricks’s bond was zero, but in court, the judge set it at $31,500, telling her there would be other conditions, such as a GPS ankle Monitor. The judge also prohibited her from returning to that McDonald’s if she bonded out. Hendricks posted the bond and was released.

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Her next court date is set for April 4th.

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