Florida Waiter Punches Customer in the Face – Goes WWE, and Body Slams Another Inside Naples Tavern

On Thursday, Kevin Jose Marte, 40, was arrested by Collier County deputies after allegedly attacking two customers at his workplace.

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Collier County Deputies responded to the Off the Rock Tavern on Collier Blvd. in Naples about a disturbance. Upon arrival, they were told that tavern employee Kevin Marte had attacked two customers during a dispute. Allegedly, Marte punched one of the victims in the face and then body-slammed the second.

According to the arrest affidavit, the two victims were eating dinner, and Marte was their server. The victims asked about ordering dessert, but Marte told them the kitchen was closed. One of the victims then asked to see the manager. The manager allowed them to order from the dessert menu, and Marte went berserk. As seen in the tavern’s surveillance video, Marte threw a tablet onto the victim’s table, which sent items flying from their table toward other tavern patrons.

The younger of the two patrons stood up and threw a glass at Marte, who made the man a counteroffer with a punch to his face. The blow knocked him to the ground and sent his glasses flying. Victim number two, who is 67, stepped into the ring, and Marte grabbed him around the waist, picked him up, and body-slammed him to the floor. Victim number two was incapacitated and unable to get up.

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Marte took off, and 911 was called. Victim number two took a ride to the hospital and was treated for severe bruising on his back, thigh, left side, and abdomen. He was unable to walk without crutches for several days after. Victim number one was ok with a small scratch from his glasses being knocked off.

Marte was arrested the next day and Transported to the Collier County jail. He was charged with one count of aggravated battery on a person 65 years of age or older for victim number two and simple battery for victim number one.

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