Florida Transient Kicks Woman in the Gut – Steals Her Shoes

Florida transient Christopher Paul Daw, 52, of St. Petersburg is in the Pinellas County Jail after he kicked a woman in the stomach and then snatched the shoes from off her feet.

Daw was at his day job consisting of spitting on cars near west bay drive in Largo, Florida when the victim decided, she was going confront him about it. According to the arrest affidavit, Daw jumped up, and kicked the woman in the stomach knocking her to the ground. Daw then pulled off the woman’s shoes and fled the area heading in the direction of a nearby Walgreens.

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Daw was located in the area by officers from the Largo Police Department and after being read his Miranda rights, admitted to kicking the woman in the stomach and snatching her shoes off.

Daw was charged with felony battery as well as robbery by sudden snatching. He was transported to the Pinellas County jail. He is awaiting trial held on a total $7,500 bond.

Largo Police recovered the victims shoes and returned them to her.

Folks, here’s a pro tip: Don’t “confront” people over the small stuff. Daw is listed as a transient on the booking sheet and he has numerous arrests going back to 2007 for a wide array of charges, including battery, trespassing, urinating in public, etc. I’ve dealt with plenty of transients as an Orlando police officer. Some of them want to be arrested, especially in the winter so they have a warm place to sleep. I’ve been kicked, shoved, and spit on. If they’re going to do this to a police officer, what do you think they’re going to do to you?

You also have to factor in the possibility of mental health. Now that the liberals have closed the majority of the asylums in the country, where do you think mental health patients are now? They’re out on the streets, in your neighborhood. Regardless of how calm people are to begin with, I’ve had suspects turn on me quickly, and the fight was on. When dealing with strangers and petty stuff, take my advice and just don’t.

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