Florida Teens Rack Up 46 Felonies in 24 Hours

After more than 20 reports of auto burglaries and thousands of dollars in damage in the area of MacArthur Boulevard and NE Plantation Drive in one day, Martin County deputies and detectives were very busy and very determined to identify and catch the thieves.

Within a few days, detectives arrested Anthony Joseph Batista, 18, of Stuart, and Joseph Fontana, 14, of Hobe Sound. The pair used a window punch to break the windows of cars and trucks parked in private driveways, parking spaces, and beach parking areas.

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Anthony Joseph Batista                                           Joseph Fontana

The pair stole anything of value. They left shattered glass and damage behind if nothing was found inside the car. Investigators were able to locate exterior security cameras, which showed images of what appeared to be a scooter traveling in the area at the time the crimes occurred.

MCSO tracked the scooter to a parking spot on NE Edgewater Drive in Stuart using further surveillance and investigative methods. That ultimately led to the suspects. The investigation revealed Batista was driving the scooter with Fontana riding on the back the night they committed the multiple burglaries.

Batista and Fontana have been charged with 23 felonies each, including thirteen burglaries, eight attempted burglaries, one grand theft, and one possession of burglary tools.

Both suspects were booked into the Martin County Jail. Antony Batista has a $57,000 bond, and Joseph Fontana was transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

If you live in the area of MacArthur Boulevard or along NE Plantation Drive and you discovered that your car was burglarized the morning of March 8th but did not report it, please call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

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No one in Martin County should feel unsafe or uncomfortable parking their car in their driveway at a park or the beach for fear of being burglarized.

Please use this as a reminder to remove all valuables, especially firearms, from your vehicles at night.

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