Florida Shining Example of Election Integrity as Swing States Stumble and Take Days to Count Votes

Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, Floridians tend to remember the 2000 Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore as an unmitigated disaster.

Florida received significant negative national attention as the integrity of its elections in 2000 was called into question.

Twenty-two years later, Florida is a positive example of a state with solid election integrity laws that could count all its ballots on election night, despite being the third most populous state in the Union and suffering through two hurricanes in six weeks.

Election reforms that began under Jeb Bush and have continued under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have made Florida’s elections some of the most secure in the country and in the world.

Contrary to popular critiques of election integrity laws passed under DeSantis, they have not suppressed voter turnout as voters swarmed to the polls using early voting and cast millions of mail-in-ballots.

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Reforms passed under DeSantis, which included bolstering voter identification requirements and prohibiting election administrators from sending unsolicited absentee ballots, have made conservatives demand election integrity reforms in states such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

Election supervisors are allowed to begin verifying signatures on mail-in-ballots 22 days before Election Day, giving them a headstart on processing ballots and allowing voters to fix their ballot if there is a mistake so that it can be counted.

Some liberal detractors have claimed that Florida is still counting ballots, a claim that is mostly untrue, and said that Florida was able to call elections early due to Republican’s victories being more decisive.

The problem with their claims is that Florida counted over 95% of its ballots by Tuesday night while Arizona, a state with a population a third of the size of Florida, still has 17% of the vote out as of Saturday night.

DeSantis took the time to explain Florida’s election integrity laws that have made it stand out as a shining example of how to restore Americans’ trust in elections in a press conference in November of 2021.

Republicans have continued to primarily vote on election day in most states due to a general distrust of absentee ballots.

That may be a contributing factor for why Republicans had an underwhelming performance nationwide due to the ease of voting by mail compared to showing up at the polls and sometimes being forced to wait in long lines.

DeSantis communications guru Christina Pushaw explained why Republicans in Florida felt comfortable voting by mail due to Florida’s election integrity laws.

Republicans would be wise to look to Florida to restore their voter’s trust in voting by mail. If they want to restore the American public’s faith in Democracy, Democrats could also learn a thing or two from the Republican Governor of Florida.

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