Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Sucked into Storm Drain While Saving Citizen

A Florida Sheriff’s deputy was sucked into a storm drain and submerged underwater for nearly 30 seconds after he tried to help another man who was pulled in.

Escambia County was hit by severe flooding after a thunderstorm produced a tornado and brought heavy rain on Thursday.

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David Boss left work and was making his way through water that was chest-deep on Highway 98 when he got pulled into the storm drain.

Escambia County Deputy William Hollingsworth was on the scene and tried to help when he was dragged in too.

The two men were sucked into the pipe, propelled underneath four lanes, and traveled nearly 100 feet underwater by the raging flood water before the pair resurfaced.

Escambia Deputy William Hollingsworth

Deputy Hollingsworth’s bodycam captured the terrifying moment they were swallowed.

The Video shows Hollingsworth helping stranded motorists along Highway 98 before Boss got sucked into the drain.

Hollingsworth rushes to help get him out but ends up being pulled in himself. Then the footage goes dark, but you can hear muffled noises underwater.

The pair resurfaced 30 seconds later after traveling 100 feet in pure disbelief at what had just happened.

Hollingsworth is heard screaming: ‘David, David! Can you f****** believe what has just happened to us?

‘Just breathe. Just breathe, man. Oh my god! Oh, thank you, Jesus.’

And Boss replies: ‘I almost died,’ before the deputy responds: ‘I almost f******died too, buddy, it sucked me in!

‘I never held my breath like that in my life.’ Boss adds: ‘Me neither.’

The pair then embraced and celebrated the fact they made it out alive.

‘The current was strong enough to suck not one, but two grown men under it,’ Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons told Wear News.

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Boss recalled the terrifying experience and said his life flashed before his eyes.

‘Life flashes before your eyes,’ That’s the truth. You really do think about your life if you think you’re about to die.’ ‘When I came out the other end, he was there. That means that without thinking, he wanted to save me. He was doing his duty. That changed my whole perspective on people.”

Boss is thankful for Hollingsworth going in there to try and save him.

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