Florida Sheriff Mike Chitwood Takes on Neo Nazi ‘Scumbags’ Who Want Him Dead

In February 2022, the Goyim Defense League used a portable projector to display antisemitic messages on the side of the Daytona International Speedway until deputies managed to block the projector.

Antisemitic groups were in action all over Volusia County, posting antisemitic messages, and Sheriff Mike Chitwood Had enough.

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“It’s disgusting. It’s reprehensible,” said Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood. “What you have is a bunch of cowardly scumbags that walk around in groups. Get them one-on-one; they’ll cry for their mother.”

Mike Chitwood

Sheriff Chitwood acted and let the citizens of Volusia know who was behind the hate.

“We put up their photos, talked about their arrest records, and let everybody know what a bunch of reprehensible thugs were in our community and what they were up to,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about the February press conference.

“And after that,” he recalled, “all hell broke loose.”

The Goyim Defense League is one of the country’s most prominent antisemitic organizations and is known for harassing worshippers at synagogues and papering neighborhoods with fliers hawking anti-Jewish conspiracies.

The GDL’s most frequent activities, such as flier drops, banner displays, and public demonstrations, make up the fastest-growing type of antisemitic incidents in the United States, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

But the GDL does not invariably violate the law. Last year, a citation for littering in Wisconsin was the first known charge in the United States related to the Goyim Defense League’s distribution of antisemitic materials.

GDL leaders relocated to the area from California and chose the Daytona 500 to make their antisemitic presence known. California Law Enforcement never took them on, but Sheriff Chitwood changed everything.

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After the February press conference, Chitwood and his daughter started getting online death threats, and a Swatting incident was called in at his parents’ house. Antisemitic groups began planning to hold a public demonstration to oppose Chitwood, which was set for this past weekend in Ormond Beach.

Chitwood’s Investigators and Intelligence team assisted in the arrest of three men in three different states — California, Connecticut, and New Jersey, who were charged with making online death threats against him. Two of the three have already been extradited to Volusia County.

Upon one suspect’s arrival, Sheriff Chitwood went to the airport to personally “welcome” one of the men. He hopes to send a message to hate groups more generally that he intends to “keep up the heat” so that they know they will face resistance from law enforcement if they attempt any public demonstrations: “I think that makes it a little bit harder to peddle your wares.”

Sheriff Chitwood wants to go further in his crusade. He has pushed for a bill in the Florida legislature to allow him and other law enforcement in the state to charge people with felonies for distributing fliers and broadcasting messages of “ethnic intimidation” on private property.

On Thursday, Sheriff Chitwood’s wishes came true as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law during a ceremony in Jerusalem after Republican State Rep. Mike Caruso who authored it, delivered it to him there.

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