Florida Sheriff Calls Naked Suspect ‘Oxygen Stealer & Scumbag’

Florida Man David Auger got an earful from Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno. Sheriff Marceno is well known for voicing his opinion on social media about arrestees who enter the “Marceno Motel,” his nickname for the Lee County Jail.

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Lee County Deputies responded to a 911 call reference a naked man outside a house in the San Carlos Neighborhood. Upon arrival they made contact with Auger who was in fact naked and armed with a large kitchen knife and screwdriver. Deputies tried to talk with Auger who responded with profanity laced threats and told one deputy he was going to kill him as he advanced towards him with the kitchen knife. The Lee County SWAT team arrived with Sheriff Marceno himself kitted up for action.

Post arrest, Sheriff Marceno stood in Auger’s driveway in SWAT gear and held a press conference having this to say:

“He’s an oxygen-stealer and a scumbag, and I’m glad he’s outta here,” Sheriff Marceno told reporters. “I’m proud to say that in this county, if you present deadly physical force … we meet you with deadly force every time, and we win. It’s pretty clean, pretty quick,”

Sheriff Marceno is one of a growing number of Florida Sheriffs who do not hesitate to express their feelings. Marceno is active on all social media platforms and has become quite famous for the videos posted to his TikTok account. In a recent video on the platform, Marceno tells anyone thinking about shooting up a school “we will not hesitate one second, we will kill you, because you can’t kill evil enough!” Marceno uses the hashtag #LAWANDORDERSHERIFF and has almost 360,000 followers on TikTok, as well as around 35,000 on Twitter.

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