Florida Senate’s Bold Move to Safeguard Elections Also Clears Way for DeSantis 2024

With an eye on fortifying the integrity of Florida’s electoral process, the state Senate approved a comprehensive elections bill on Wednesday. The legislation, passed along party lines, addresses concerns over third-party voter registration groups while also clarifying that Gov. Ron DeSantis would not need to resign from office to run for president.

The bill (SB 7050) proposes increasing the maximum fine for voter registration groups to $250,000 per year, five times the current cap, for violations such as failing to submit completed registration applications within ten days. Additionally, the bill seeks to shorten the time for voters to request mail-in ballots.

The bill will now go to the House where it is expected to pass.

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The Republican-controlled Legislature has backed measures targeting third-party registration groups for years, imposing hefty fines and sanctions for noncompliance. During Wednesday’s debate, Senate Ethics and Elections Chairman Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills, emphasized that although around 2,000 groups have registered with the state, not all are active.

Democrats argue that increased penalties would disproportionately affect Black and Hispanic voters. However, Burgess maintains that the bill aims to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

“This bill does not and will not hinder anyone’s right to vote, nor would I ever subscribe my name to something that could even remotely be concluded to be voter suppression. There is nothing in this bill that makes it harder for a lawfully registered voter to cast their ballot,” Burgess stated.

A key provision of the bill would change the wording on voter registration cards, making it clear that individuals, not state or local election officials, are responsible for determining their voting eligibility. This proposal follows the arrest of about 20 people for voting illegally. Some believed they were eligible to vote because they had received voter ID cards from county supervisors of elections.

Confusion surrounding voter eligibility has arisen partly due to a 2018 constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to felons who had completed their sentences. The proposed wording on voter registration cards aims to clarify the individual’s responsibility in maintaining their eligibility status.

“This card is for information purposes only. This card is proof of registration but not legal verification of eligibility to vote. It is the responsibility of a voter to keep his or her eligibility status current. A voter may confirm his or her eligibility with the Department of State,” the new voter-registration cards would state.

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The bill also includes a provision requiring county court clerks to provide weekly reports to elections supervisors, identifying registered voters convicted of felonies whose voting rights have not been restored. This would enable local officials to maintain accurate voting rolls.

Sen. Tracie Davis, a Jacksonville Democrat, expressed concerns about the resources and training available to local elections officials. However, the bill’s supporters argue that these measures promote transparency and protect the integrity of the voting process.

In addition to addressing concerns about voter registration, the bill clarifies that an elected official in Florida would not have to resign from office to run for president or vice president. This provision has drawn attention due to the widespread expectation that Gov. Ron DeSantis will seek the Republican presidential nomination next year.

Despite critics labeling the bill as suppressive, supporters maintain that the proposed measures will enhance accountability and transparency, ultimately safeguarding the democratic process in Florida.

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