Florida Rapper ‘Ace NH’ Allegedly Kills Pregnant Girlfriend in Front of Her Son Three Days After Double Murder Acquittal

Florida Rapper Ace NH, aka Billy Bennett Adams III, 25, of Tampa, is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, Alana Sims,22, a mere three days after he was acquitted of murdering two men in a recording studio in Lutz back in 2020.

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Sims was shot in the head in the Easton Park subdivision of Tampa on January 30th. Her body was found outside her 2021 Ford Ecosport, with her 18-month-old son sleeping inside the vehicle. Sims was five months pregnant at the time of her murder.

Billy Bennett Adams III

Tampa Police Homicide Investigators believe that Adams is the killer, and his reason for killing her is that Sims told him that he was the child’s father, and Adams was adamant that the child was not his.

Investigators say Sims was lured to her death under the pretense of a party to celebrate Adams’ acquittal on the double murder charge.

Investigators questioned Adams, who stated he was at home the entire evening the day of the murder, January 30th.

The first problem Adams has is that his vehicle is on the community’s video surveillance system entering the subdivision at approximately the same time as Sims.

When confronted with that fact, Adams then recanted his statement about being home all night and changed it to say he was out with friends the night of the murder.

Adams was immensely helpful with investigators and even provided them with a video of him out with his buddies on the January 3oth.

This brings us to Adam’s second problem. The video was taken on February 1st, and the date was altered to January 30th.

When he was caught in the 3rd false statement, he recanted again and stated he met with Sims at the Easton Park subdivision but that she was the aggressor and pulled a gun on him.

The two wrestled over the gun, and Adams shot her in self-defense. When he couldn’t demonstrate the struggle over the weapon, Adams asked for another chance to explain and then stated he was able to wrestle the gun away from her and shoot her in the head in self-defense.

Adams was then placed in custody and charged with first-degree murder and killing an unborn child by injury to the mother.

Pro Tip Genius, confess to everything and hope for a life sentence. I don’t think a jury will understand the murder of a pregnant woman and her baby because you didn’t want to pay child support.

The murder of Ms. Sims comes just three days after his acquittal of the double murder of Trevon Albury and Daniel Thompson.

Adams told the court that he killed the men in self-defense when he learned they would rob the owner of a Lutz recording studio.

Sims stated he shot one of the men when he pointed a gun at the owner and shot the other man twice in the head when he tried to take his pistol from him.

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Although he was acquitted, Hillsborough County judge Christopher Sabella to Adams,

“The jury did find that you are not criminally responsible for that, but I certainly hope that you find yourself in the future never in a situation that may involve anything like this. I don’t ever want to see you back here in this courthouse.”

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