Florida Pillowcase Rapist Gives Bizarre Testimony of Being Kidnapped, Drugged, and Tortured

A Florida Man, Robert Koehler, 63, whom police and prosecutors have labeled the Pillowcase rapist, is on trial in Miami for a 40-year-old rape case. He’s on the stand telling a strange story about his innocence, including being kidnapped, drugged, and tortured by people he claims were corrupt cops.

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Koehler is suspected of being the “pillowcase rapist,” a man that police say was responsible for numerous sexual assaults of women in South Florida during the 1980s.

Police called him the “pillowcase rapist” because he used a pillowcase or other fabric to cover the faces of his victims.

Koehler is on trial for the December 1983 rape of a 25-year-old woman, which police said had gone cold until advancements in DNA testing led them to Koehler.

Robert Koehler

According to investigators, a DNA sample obtained from Koehler’s son after an unrelated arrest was linked to one of Koehler’s assaults, which led detectives to Brevard County, where they did surveillance on Koehler to obtain DNA samples from objects he touched. Investigators hit the jackpot in January 2020 after they found a DNA match.

Prosecutors rested their case Friday after telling jurors that the odds of someone other than Koehler being the source of that DNA was nearly 90-billion-to-one — later set at 16.55 octillion to one through further testing.

During testimony, Koehler told bizarre stories claiming his innocence, including kidnappers that planted a tracking device in his arm, killed a man and woman in front of him, and threatened him with being framed for the murder of his family.

In one of his tales, Koehler said he woke up naked and strapped to a chair with a hood over his head. He said when the hood was lifted, a 4 to 6-year-old girl was in front of him, duct-taped to a chair, holding a doll.

“When they lifted that hood, I immediately started to scream. Because I saw what they did to me, and I saw what was in front of me. This steel cage that kept my arm from moving in any position whatsoever, was strapped back down, had a gun on it with my finger on the trigger. This part was sealed shut where I could not take my hand off that handle,” he testified. “There was no way to move anything, there was no way to pull out of it, I kept pushing my index finger as far as I could forward into the trigger part of the gun. It was a big gun, it was aimed right at this poor little girl’s body, chest.” “I screamed, and I kept getting shocked, I couldn’t say anything,” Koehler said. “He said ‘pull the trigger’ and I didn’t say a word, and I wouldn’t do anything. One more time, ‘pull the trigger, and I wouldn’t pull the trigger, and I felt my finger twitching, moving, and I felt this, and next thing you know, it jerked, I shot the girl and killed the girl, that little girl and the doll fell right out of her hand.”

Koehler was convicted of a 1990 rape in Palm Beach County. Unfortunately, that case was never linked to other sexual assaults in South Florida because DNA samples were not yet mandatory.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office announced that with this new DNA evidence, Koehler would be charged in several sexual assault cases in Broward.

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In convicted, Koehler faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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