Florida Parents Revolt Over ‘Highly Inappropriate’ LGBT Yearbook Pages, School to Reprint on Demand

A Florida High School is under fire by parents and locals in the school district after the yearbook that was supposed to be sold to all student body members and their parents included LGBT content.

Lyman High School, located in Longwood, Florida, included two pages in its yearbook that parents found objectionable due to its promoting politically controversial LGBT phrases and LGBT identity issues.

The yearbooks, which received complaints from both students and parents, included a glossary of terms such as “genderfluid,” “sexual orientation,” “queer,” and “nonbinary” and asked students to provide commentary on the subject under their yearbook photos.

“This gender ideology crap has parents in an uproar because it’s disgusting and wrong for an adult to sexualize a minor,” Lyman High School parent Sharmon Craft said in a since-deleted Facebook post.

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Jessica Tillman, a member of Moms for Liberty representing Seminole County, said that the yearbook contents were ‘highly inappropriate.’

Before an official statement confirming parents’ claims, a parent claimed that the school would give parents and students full refunds upon request or have the books reprinted without the LGBT section.

“The district superintendent is ordering the school to give full refunds or have the books reprinted without the glossary of perverse sexual attractions and pronouns.” One parent said.

Danielle Pomeranz, the school’s yearbook supervisor, resigned over the decision to issue parents refunds to reprints, saying it’s important for the school to remain ‘inclusive.’

“We think that it’s important that our book remains inclusive and represents all of the students at Lyman High School,” Pomeranz told Click Orlando.

Backlash against LGBT-themed school events and lesson plans has reached a fever pitch this year as parents grow increasingly tired of school administration and teachers inserting left-wing politics into the classroom.

In California, parents recently protested against Pride Day at the school to celebrate Pride Month.

Superintendent Serita Beamon responded to concerns from parents and students in a statement.

“I am writing to you today in response to information that was brought to my attention regarding content published in the Lyman High School yearbook. Specifically, two pages included information regarding sexual orientation/gender identity. A few students and parents have reported that they found this content to be inappropriate.” She said.

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She further said that people who already purchased the yearbook may receive a refund on request.

“While this matter is being reviewed further at the district level, any student or parent who purchased a copy of the 2022-23 Lyman yearbook may choose to return it to the school for a full refund or request an exchange for a re-printed yearbook that omits the pages in question.”

An example of one of the ‘pages in question’ was provided by Click Orlando.

Some students who support the page remaining in the yearbook sent a form letter to the Superintendent saying that she was ‘erasing the LGBT community’ by offering the concession to parents and students who didn’t like it.

“You cannot continue to erase the queer community, not at Lyman High School or anywhere. Stop being cowardly and STAND UP FOR YOUR STUDENTS. According to the Trevor Project, “One accepting adult decreases the risk of suicide by 40% for LGBTQ young people.” Be that one adult for your students.”

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