Florida needs a doctor in the House: Dr. Saulis Banionis for District 93

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With the last two years of a pandemic plaguing political decisions, voters may find it refreshing to have a medical doctor representing them in the Florida House of Representatives. As a board-certified physician, a small business owner, husband, father, and veteran, Dr. Sualis Banionis seeks to represent those in Florida House District 93. He is the only Republican candidate running for that seat against four Democrats who will face a primary election on August 23, 2022.

Banionis details his perspective on the pandemic and the opposing party:  “Many democrats today, however, promote big government. Their policies show that they want people to either work for government or be dependent upon the government as they move toward socialism and communism. The recent pandemic has shown that they will declare one emergency after another to take power from the people at the expense of foundational American freedoms. They justify their policies based on their experts. I have learned as a scientist that science is never settled, and it is the very nature of science to question conclusions.  The current Democrat party wants to censor and destroy the lives of people that question their policies and false conclusions.”

Dr. Banionis explains how his professional background will help in his role as a state representative, “Being a medical doctor has provided me with the knowledge to understand complex systems in medicine and science. Many politicians today are lawyers, and they, in turn, rely on other scientists and bureaucrats to provide them with information, which they then promote.” He further explains, “As a medical doctor, I don’t have to rely on others to identify false and corrupt conclusions.”

Florida House District 93Banionis is a first-generation American whose parents emigrated to America seeking refuge from the Nazis in Germany and communism in Russia. He says he has many reasons he is running for office, but most notably, he wants to see everyday working Americans involved in serving in the legislative process. Dr. Banionis emphasized, “We need to get back to our founding roots and send people into public office that want to represent the 95% of everyday Americans that wish to see our communities and our country prosper, and remove politicians and bureaucrats that promise much and do little while rewarding themselves, their friends and their families.”

His passion is palpable as he further details, “…it’s time for citizens with common sense and pride in our imperfect history to take our government back. To make it work for the people, it must be run by the people, not professional politicians that say what people want to hear and then fail to deliver. We have inherited from our founding fathers and by God’s grace the freedoms that we cherish and have a responsibility to protect that freedom for our children.”  

Running a campaign is not an easy feat and requires the dedication of time, resources, and funding. Dr. Banionis ran for office in another Florida House District unsuccessfully in 2020. When asked what gives him the courage to run again in 2022, Banionis said, “Many of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are still in office. They continue to push policies that remove our God-given freedoms and divide people against one another while pushing false narratives and attempting to indoctrinate children and young adults. I will continue to run for public office to safeguard our freedoms, promote common sense and common good policies, and work to remove these politicians and bureaucrats to ensure a prosperous future for my family and the families in my community.”  

His campaign website lists several legislative priorities, including supporting small businesses, supporting parental rights in education, and supporting victims of child sex trafficking while working to hold accountable pedophiles and abusers. Also listed are further protections for water quality, animal abuse prevention, and a focus on safety by ensuring first responders have the necessary means to protect our communities.

On abortion, which has recently ignited fresh debates, Dr. Banionis’ campaign website details, “We need to protect the unborn and place limits on abortion, which was meant to be rare and infrequent, not the form of birth control it has become. Single mothers that choose life rather than an abortion must be supported.” 

As a medical doctor, Banionis appreciates the sacredness of the doctor-patient relationship. He says, “We must restore the doctor-patient relationship and allow patients and doctors to discuss and treat patients in a fashion deemed appropriate by both the patient and the physician without interference from insurance companies, government entities, or special interest groups.”

If anyone in the community would like to learn more or support Dr. Saulis Banionis’ campaign, you can visit his websites, www.VoteDrB.com or www.SaulisBanionis.com.

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