Florida Man with State Tattoo on His Forehead Arrested Again

While there are a lot of Florida Man wannabees out there, Matthew Leatham, 24, of Hudson is the ultimate Florida Man. One look at his mugshot lets you know he’s not playing around. I mean who else would have an image of the State of Florida tattooed on his forehead, but THE Florida Man?

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It seems Matthew is in trouble with the law again. Matthew got into a fight with a friend in Hudson, Florida which is along the Gulf of Mexico north of Clearwater. According to the victim, Leatham pulled out a razor blade during the fight and cut him on the neck with it. Pasco County deputies went through some surveillance video, and sure enough they found a clip of the victim holding a t-shirt around his neck to stop the bleeding. The wound was deep enough that it required staples to close it up.

When Pasco County Deputies questioned him about the cutting, Leatham stated that he did indeed cut the victim, but he was acting in self-defense. Leatham was charged with aggravated battery and transported to the Pasco County Jail located in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

Leatham gained Florida Man notoriety after his mugshot went viral last year when he was arrested for calling 911 because he needed a ride home. Leatham called 911 twice telling the dispatcher he needed a ride home.

When the dispatcher told him no and gave him the non-emergency number, he started cursing at her. Dispatch could not pin down where Leatham was calling from, but Pasco deputies went on the hunt for him, because the last thing LEO’s want is an angry dispatcher.

Deputies finally tracked him down and offered to call a cab for him. He said he had no money and started walking home. He then called 911 again asking for a ride in front of the deputy.

Instead of giving him a ride home, they gave him gave him a ride to the Pasco County jail where he was charged with misuse of the 911 system and possession of cannabis! He was released after posting a $300 bond.

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