Florida Man Who Impersonated an Officer Arrested for Parole Violation

Florida man Jeremy Dewitte, 42, of Kissimmee is in the Osceola County jail for violating his probation for not deleting his YouTube account. 

Dewitte was finally taken into custody after barricading himself in his Kissimmee home. Osceola County deputies served Dewitte a warrant for violation of probation out of Orange County. The arrest comes a few months after his release from prison in September for impersonating a law enforcement officer in Orange County.

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Dewitte is also a convicted sex offender who apparently doesn’t live in reality. As he was being escorted out of his house by Osceola County sheriff’s deputies he stated.

“I’m not going back to prison, not today. Not for a technical violation,”

Looks like you’re going back to me.

Dewitte has a fascination with law enforcement. Going back to 2019, Windermere Police discovered several videos of Dewitte with his helmet cam, pulling cars over illegally throughout Central Florida, while he was a funeral escort. 

In February of 2020, Dewitte is seen on bodycam being arrested by Chicago Police during an incident when he threw chairs out of a 4th story window at a tow truck driver who was about to tow his vehicle. He claimed to be a special agent.

Apparently, the big issue on this probation violation is the fact that Dewitte failed to take down his YouTube channel. Dewitte claims somebody hacked the account, changed the username, and changed the password.

Osceola County Sheriff Lopez said he doesn’t believe him.

“You can definitely deactivate your account, so he’s full of it,” and “He’d go around directing traffic, stopping people stopping cars,” said Sheriff Lopez. “The guy’s definitely out of control.” 

Sheriff Lopez said Dewitte is going to facing additional charges in Osceola County for refusing to cooperate and violating further terms of his probation.

I hope the good Sheriff keeps Dewitte locked up for as long as possible.

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