Florida Man Who Attacked and Bit Jogger Writes Judge Asking For a 2nd Chance

A Florida man who attacked and bit a jogger back in September of this year wrote a letter to the presiding judge asking him for a second chance.

According to court records, on December 5th, 2022, William Paul Stamper, 19, wrote a letter to Judge William Orth ahead of his December court date, approximately two months after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman jogging in Seminole County.

Florida Jolt wrote about this attack back in September 2022.

Florida Man Attacks and Bites Female Jogger

On September 23, 2022, Seminole County Deputies responded to a call referencing a sex attack. Video surveillance showed a man attacking a woman and biting her on the back.

Stamper fled but left some evidence behind, a Sonny’s BBQ hat. Investigators were able to place Stamper at the scene, and he was arrested.

Stamper is scheduled to have a court hearing on December 14th, and court records show he sent a letter to Judge William Orth, who is presiding over this case, asking for a “second chance.”

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In his letter, Stamper says he has become much closer to Jesus Christ and asks Orth for an opportunity to join the U.S. Army instead of going to prison.

Below is a transcript of Stamper’s letter in its original form with spelling and punctuation errors included. This letter was sent by William Stamper dated Dec. 5th, 2022:

Dear Judge Orth.

My name is William Paul Stamper. During my stay here at John E Polk, Ive been enlightned. its almost like an episode of scared straight mixed with alot of clarity. Ive come to realize I have alot to be greatful for. Ive gotton alot closer to Jesus Christ as a result, This was really an eye opener, Thankfully Im young enough to realize, this is not the route I want for myself.

A career and future, as well as family is all Ive been thinking and dreaming about as of lately. the past 2 months, I really dont want to go down the path Im headed towards

If theres a thing called a second chance, Im Begging you for it. I graceously ask if you can somehow see as if I can get my life back on track to Joining the Army. Ive never been that good in school, but I became discouraged throughout the years, which made me take drugs to fit in. Physically and mentally Im capable and ready to embark on life long career in which I can truly suceed. Id rather serve my country than serve time and let my life slip by and disapoint myself and my loved ones.

If there is anyway you can help me achieve this goal of a career in the army so I can truly make somethin gof myself, I promise you I will make the best of the opportunity and become someone we can both be proud of.

I Just need help. Alot of prayers brought me to this point of having the courage to write you. Please, Please help me.

Sincearly yours,

William Paul Stamper

The hearing or docket sounding as it’s called in Stamper’s case is merely an opportunity for Judge Orth, the State Attorney, and the Defense attorney to come to an agreement on a court date to begin the trial.

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