Florida Man Wanted Hitman to Murder Ex-Girlfriends Fiancé – Gets 7 Years in Prison

Florida Man Ryan Hadeed, 43, of Pembroke Pines was sentenced to 7 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to writing multiple letters to someone he thought to be a hitman and ordering a “hit” on his ex-girlfriends fiancé.

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Hadeed pled guilty to a charge of using the U.S. mail to commit murder for hire in violation of United States Code 18 §1958. As part of his guilty plea, Hadeed had to admit in court that he mailed a letter to the intended hitman requesting a murder for hire which stated:

“I need someone eliminated. I’ve been told you can arrange that. $10,000 all in cash and upfront. Person located in Tampa.”

In that letter as well as two more after the that, Hadeed told the intended hitman, who was actually a Coral Springs man working with law enforcement, to signal acceptance of the offer by posting marked sheets of paper in a storefront window, among other things.

In the final letter to the hitman, Hadeed included photos of the target, a physical description of the man, his home address, a probable travel schedule, a date he wanted the murder finished by, and most importantly, $10,000 cash. On the same day the hitman received the letter, Hadeed got on an airplane and traveled out of the country on a one way ticket to provide himself with an alibi.

When Hadeed returned from his international trip, U.S. Customs officers at the airport flagged him for secondary inspection and found more evidence of the murder for hire. Federal officers then arrested Hadeed and transported him to federal holding.

Federal Prosecutors had asked for 9 years in jail for Hadeed out of a possible maximum 10 year sentence. Hadeed will serve 7 years in federal prison with 3 years of supervised probation after his release.

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