Florida Man Used Hidden Cameras to Spy on 12 Year Old Girl

Florid Man Bruce Wayne Grady, 61 of spent some time in the Martin County Jail after he was arrested for video voyeurism of a 12 year old girl.

The cameras were found when the girl attempted to plug appliances into her bedroom and bathroom electrical outlets. The Sheriff’s Office says the girl told her mother that she was trying to plug in a hair straightener into the bathroom outlet and a computer into her bedroom outlet and neither would fit as there was something shiny that was blocking the receptacle ground hole. Upon closer examination, the ground hole portion of the outlets were blocked by tiny cameras installed by none other than Grady himself.

Investigators disassembled the outlets and found the small cameras, inside the outlet, was a black box hot glued to the back of the outlet and an empty slot for a micro-SD card and plug for a cable. When asked about who could have done it, the mother mentioned Grady, as he is the landlord of an apartment he’s currently renting to the girl’s mother.

Detectives stated that the video feed was connected through the Wi-Fi and Grady was receiving a direct feed to his cell phone. Detectives seized Grady’s phone in order to see how long he has been spying on the girl, and videos of the girl were already found on the phone.

“It was pretty easy to track back to the landlord,” Martin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Budensiek told WPTV. “The landlord had been seen unannounced in the apartment and he was confronted. The victim’s parents said, ‘Hey, what are you doing here?’ ‘Oh, no problem. I’m just doing electrical work.’ So, it made it easier for our guys to track it back.”

Grady was arrested and transported to the Martin County Jail, where he was charged with video voyeurism. Grady was released after posting a bond.

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