Florida Man Tries to Rob Publix With a Stapler

Florida man Patrick Abbott, 31, is in the Turner Guilford Knight Corrections Center, aka the Dade County Jail, after he attempted to rob a Miami Publix grocery store with a stapler.

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Miami-Dade police stated that Patrick Abbott, 31, entered the Publix Supermarket at 4870 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. Once inside, he approached the customer service counter and handed an employee a note that, according to police, read:

“Read carefully. I have a gun with me and put the money in the bag.”

After reading the note, police say the employee pretended she was helping another employee get the money but was really calling for help.

Abbott got nervous waiting and left the store empty-handed. Police caught up to him on Northeast 50th Street while he was in the process of throwing his note away. He was detained there, waiting for the witness to identify the suspect. Police asked the employee to do a “show-up,” where the witness or victim is taken to the suspect’s location and stays in the police vehicle while identifying the suspect. The employee came to the spot where Abbott was captured and identified Abbott as the person who passed her the note demanding money.

A search incident to arrest discovered that the so-called gun Abbott claimed to have, was just a black stapler, according to police.

Patrick Abbott

At the time of his arrest, Abbott was out on a felony bond after he was arrested last month by an off-duty police officer who witnessed Abbott allegedly drop a 4-month-old in the parking lot at a Miami Walmart multiple times.

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Abbott was taken into custody and charged with one count of armed robbery. The court revoked his bond for the previous charges, and he was brought to the Turner Guilford Knight Corrections Center, where he is currently held on a no-bond status.

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