Florida Man Tries to Hide a Half Pound of Meth Under Patrol Car

Florida man John Schneider, 49, tried to get rid of a half-pound of methamphetamine in the wrong place… underneath a sheriff’s patrol car! Schneider and his girlfriend Lee Sanberg were riding in a car in Deland, Florida, when Sanberg, who was driving, got pulled over by Volusia County Deputies.

Sanberg was walking back to the deputy’s patrol car to get her written warning for the traffic infraction when Schneider, who was being patted down near the front of the vehicle, dropped a bag of white substance right by his feet. The baggie can be seen dropping down on the deputy’s body cam, which prompted the deputies to handcuff him immediately.

“He just dropped a bag that looked like dope,” one of the deputies said.

“Aww, man,” Sanberg responded.

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Sanberg was also handcuffed while saying that the methamphetamine wasn’t hers. Meanwhile, Schneider acted like the methamphetamine wasn’t his.

The deputy can be heard on the body camera saying, “I can tell it came from you. It’s on the freakin’ camera. You might as well try to lie. You ain’t got nothing to lose.”

A search incident to arrest found another gram in Schneider’s right sock. The cop in me wants to know if he pulled the old “Those ain’t my socks” excuse.

Detectives said Schneider had dropped a half pound of methamphetamine that he bought into Orange County. The pair were suspected of taking it to a home in nearby Orange City where they would sell it, according to the sheriff’s office.

Schneider was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, tampering with evidence, and resisting without violence. Sanberg was charged with conspiracy to traffic in methamphetamine.

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