Florida Man Tries to Buy a Child – Again!

Florida Man Hellmuth Kolb, 85, of Port Orange, Florida is behind bars in the Volusia County jail. The registered sex offender violated the terms of his probation by attempting to purchase a female child – again!

In 2018 Kolb attempted to purchase a child for $200,000 and was only given probation which he’s now violated. Kolb was in a local Port Orange Winn Dixie store when he spotted Laura Benning and her eight year old daughter.

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“He just came up and he started making comments about how pretty she was and how good her dancing was and how he could never have children and he wanted children,” Benning said.

Benning and her daughter finished shopping when Kolb followed them out to the parking lot. According to Benning, that’s when Kolb made his proposition stating that he:

“Approached me in the parking lot. Actually, chased me down in the parking lot and said ‘hey, I want to make a deal with you.’ I’d like to buy her for $100,000,” Benning said. “I was in complete shock.”

Kolb was arrested for violating his probation he’d been serving for grabbing another child in a local Wal-Mart in 2018, kissing her wrist and offering to buy her for $200,000.

Benning says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with Kolb but says there’s no question, something is.

“He needs to be locked up and not allowed to be around our children,” “His intent is to buy children. That’s not OK,” she said.

Benning says her daughter is OK, but she was really shaken up. She told her mother she doesn’t want to go grocery shopping with her anymore.

Kolb violated the terms of his probation which include no contact with minor children other than family, and that he must be accompanied in malls and big stores. Kolb was alone when he approached Benning and her daughter in the Winn Dixie.

Just this month Kolb filed a motion for early termination of his probation from the 2018 incident. A judge has not yet ruled on that request. He’s currently being held in the Volusia County Jail with no bond.

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