Florida Man & Son Stomp Guest Unconscious at Wedding Reception

A Florida Man & Son are in the Volusia County jail, charged with Aggravated Battery after stomping a man unconscious at a wedding reception in Lake Helen. Joel O’Grady, 38, and Julian Falkinburg, 21, who both live in Sanford were arrested by the Daytona Beach Police after fleeing the scene.

Florida man stomp

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Volusia County 911 dispatch received a call reference an unconscious man found at the Granville Farms wedding venue. Deputies were called to the scene in which three men engaged in a fight in the parking lot. The victim was struck in the head and face multiple times and kicked even after becoming unresponsive. It’s unknown what started the fight, but the suspects and victim are known to each other.

The 911 caller told dispatch “Someone got hit really hard. He’s losing blood. He can barely breathe” 

Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood commented on the brutal beating saying:

“This isn’t like a punch. This is the guy goes down and then you stomp on him until he’s unconscious. This could have easily been a murder. Somebody could have ended up with significant brain damage.” 

Sheriff Chitwood also shared his thoughts about the father son duo on Facebook stating, “This has to be our first father and son SCUMBAG OF THE WEEK post, but they earned it.”

According to his attorney, the victim Tyler Kaltenbach was severely injured, having all his upper teeth kicked out and will need reconstructive surgery to his face.

The manhunt ended when the pair were arrested by Daytona Beach Police. Both men were transported to the Volusia County jail charged with Aggravated Battery. O’Grady was released after posting 100,000 bond, and Falkinburg posting a $50,000 Bond.

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