Florida Man Sees Hotel Ghost – Tries to Break into Nearby House

Florida man Andrew George, 38 thought he saw a “ghost” at a motel, so he ran through Daytona Beach on Tuesday and got arrested for trying to break into a home while screaming, “Help me!”

George and his companion Natasha Kachuroi, 36, got a room at a Travel Inn in Daytona Beach but demanded a refund when they heard the bathroom window opening, WKMG reported.

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The pair believed a “shadow” was following them, so they fled toward Beach Street and ran around the parking lot at the Halifax Marina. George then fell into the water.

Kachuroi helped him out of the water, and the pair ran to a business at 432 S. Beach St. Kachuroi banged on the door while George picked up a chair to smash a window in a while crying for help and created a disturbance that woke up the residents of 426 S. Beach St.

Andrew George

A woman resident saw the couple on the front porch of the business, where Kachuroi said, “Please help me!”

George then allegedly ran toward the resident’s house, who ran back inside, locked her door, grabbed a knife, and threatened to defend herself as George banged on the door.

Meanwhile, Kachuroi tried to stop George, and another resident called 911.

When Daytona Beach police arrived, they found George lying on the ground, covered in blood and crying out in pain, according to the report.

It was unclear how he was injured.

He told investigators that he and Kachuroi fled from the motel because he believed a “ghost” wanted to harm him — and said he was unable to enter the business “due to God telling him (Kachuroi) was a bad person to hang out with.”

George also told police he decided not to enter the home because he heard kids’ voices and didn’t want to scare them.

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He blamed his “bad choices” that night on ecstasy.

George was charged with two counts of burglary and held on $20,000 bond.

Kachuroi faces charges of principal to a burglary and a drug offense. She was held on a $5,000 bond.

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