Florida Man Pulls Off Bank Robbery With Finger Gun

Florida Man Paul James Sinclair, 56, of Largo, Florida is sitting in the Pinellas County Jail for the crime of the century by pulling off a bank robbery using only his finger.

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Sinclair entered the Chase bank located at 10755 Starkey Road in Largo, Fl. As he entered the bank, he placed his hand under his shirt and made the shape of a gun with his finger. He then approached the teller, Ms. Desiree Stefanik, and demanded she give him money from her bank drawer. She also told her not to push any alarm buttons as he waited for Stefanik to open the drawer. Stefanik followed the Chase bank policy reference robberies and complied with Sinclair. She opened her drawer and gave Sinclair a total of $120 currency. 

Sinclair then fled the location on foot and was found a short time later near the bank and arrested for Robbery under Florida state statute 812.13 (2) (c) due to the fact that by force, violence, assault or putting Desiree Stefanik in fear willfully and against the will of Desiree Stefanik, did take from the person or custody of the said Desiree Stefanik money or other property to wit: $120 dollars in U.S. currency with intent to deprive Chase bank of such property temporarily or permanently.

The charge is for robbery, not armed robbery since Sinclair did not have a firearm. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional as Sinclair is a transient, but without the use of a firearm, he avoids the higher level felony, and if he has a prior felony conviction, avoids the possession of firearm by convicted felon charge also.

Sinclair is being held in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of $10,000 bond. He is also being charged $200 in investigative costs for the time of the two deputies involved in the case.

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