Florida Man Pulls Knife, Slashes Tires, and Chases Down Victims on His Electric Scooter

Daniel Zarelli, 74, of Rockledge, ended up in the Brevard County Jail after he threatened two people with a knife, slashed one of their vehicle tires, and chased them down the street on his electric scooter.

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According to the arrest affidavit, the Rockledge Police Department responded to a dispute involving Zarelli and two other persons. Zarelli verbally disagreed about something inside the home with a female victim. During the argument, Zarelli retrieved an 8-inch knife from a kitchen drawer and “Actively Followed” the victim inside the residence on his scooter.

According to the victim, Zarelli allegedly said he would kill the woman, putting her in fear for her life, and prompting her to flee the residence.

Daniel Zarelli


Zarelli then drove his scooter outside the residence and started to chase the male victim down the street, with the knife still in hand, but not before he pulled off a tire-slashing scooter drive-by on the couple’s rental car.

When Rockledge police arrived, they stated they saw Zarelli still holding the knife and chasing the female victim up the driveway. Officers say that when they finally disarmed Zarelli, they smelled alcohol on Zarelli’s breath and heard him spontaneously state that he should have stabbed the man “while he had the chance.”

Zarelli slashed the car’s left rear tire “with willful and malicious intent,” causing approximately $500 in damages, according to the affidavit.

Zarelli was transported to the Brevard County Jail and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, both felonies, and criminal mischief for slashing the tire of the vehicle. Zarelli was also on felony probation for another incident and was charged with a probation violation. Bond was set at $26,000, and he will make his first appearance in court on February 1st.

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