Florida Man Posts “Mass Murder Coming Soon” on Social Media – Promptly Gets Arrested

Florida man Lowell Thomas Schoonmaker 33, of Boca Raton, is in the Palm Beach County Jail after making online threats to kill people on his Twitch social media account.

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The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received an FBI “Guardian Tip” about threats posted on the Twitch social media platform. Twitch allows video game live streaming and other entertainment content. Twitch also allows users to speak to each other while watching videos.

According to the tip, a user wrote, “Mass murder coming soon.” and “Today I’m going to kill 20 people have a nice day.”

More posts on Twitch read, “Every day the world has made me hate it every day someone abuses me demeans me or makes me ready to destroy the world, and I don’t want to be that way, but unfortunately, that’s how life is.” And a fourth post listed in the arrest report read, “It’s time for me to ruin my world.”

Investigators traced the online threats to the Twitch account of Lowell Thomas Schoonmaker.

Investigators spoke to Schoonmaker, and he confirmed he owned the Twitch account linked to the online threats. According to the arrest report, he also knew why the sheriff’s office paid him a visit. He admitted to making stupid comments on Twitch.

He said he was depressed and had too much to drink at the time he made the statements and wanted to kill himself due to the death of his grandfather.

He told deputies that he didn’t feel like harming himself anymore. He also said he didn’t have any firearms and didn’t mean the threats.

Deputies placed Schoonmaker into custody and charged him with intimidation – written or electronic threats of mass shooting or terrorism, and failure to appear on a previous charge. He was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail and held without bond.

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