Florida Man Gifts Girlfriend a Hamster –She Beats Him and Stuffs Rodent in His Mouth

Florida Man Dave Morris, of Boca Raton, gave his girlfriend a hamster for Valentine’s Day, which she beat him with and then stuffed the rodent in his mouth.

Morris, 33, of Boca Raton, invited his girlfriend, Angela Garrison, 31, to his Boca Raton residence for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Dave had planned a romantic candlelight dinner and had a thoughtful, unique gift in store for the love of his life.

The evening was a smashing success for the first few hours. Then came the time for a surprise. Dave couldn’t wait to present his Valentine with her gift. He knew it was a special present for a special lady.

Dave gave her a special gift: a hamster, Cupid, dressed in a tiny cherub costume.

Angela Garrison

According to Mr. Morris’ roommate Jason Monroe, who witnessed the reaction, Ms. Garrison did not react as Dave thought she would. Jason told police that Angela reacted extremely violently to her special gift.

According to Jason,

“She just grabbed the hamster and started beating him with it. Surprised, he fell on his back, so she sat on him and tried to push the squealing animal in his mouth.”

Mr. Monroe tried to help his friend and roommate but could not stop the angry woman, so he finally called 911.

“She was totally mad. She literally roared at me and threw me in the air with a single hand. It’s as if she was possessed, it was scary as hell.”

Officers of the Boca Raton Police Department arrived on the site within a few minutes and were able to subdue Ms. Garrison and help her boyfriend take the now-dead rodent out of his mouth.

Mr. Morris was transported to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, where he remains in critical condition and needs a respirator to breathe.

Angela Garrison faces 17 criminal charges, including animal cruelty, assault, battery, and attempted murder.

If found guilty on all charges, she faces a sentence of life in prison with a minimum of 65 years and a fine of $115,000.

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Since she has violated her bail conditions twice in the past, Ms. Garrison was denied bail and will remain detained until the beginning of her trial, set to begin in March.

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