Florida Man Gets Drunk & Throws Beer Bottles at Wife’s Car

Eliuc Vidal Silvan, 36, of Leesburg, was arrested and ended up in the Lake County Jail on Sunday after throwing beer bottles at his wife’s car.

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At approximately 5:09 a.m., 911 dispatch received a call, and officers with the Mascotte police department in southern lake county were dispatched to a residence on Alpine Street concerning a domestic assault and battery.

Upon arrival, officers met with the parties involved, and according to the arrest affidavit Silvan and his wife had an argument earlier in the evening on Saturday at their residence. Silvan had too many adult beverages, and his wife did not want him to drive around in that condition.

His wife hid the keys to Silvan’s vehicle to keep him from driving while under the influence. Silvan found where his wife hid them, took his car keys, and left their home. Silvan then headed to an address on Alpine Street and spent the night there.

Eliuc Vidal Silvan

His wife found out that Silvan was at the other residence and headed over there to confront him and take back the car keys. When she arrived, Silvan started firing empty beer bottles at the driver’s side of his wife’s vehicle, showering her car in broken glass and leftover beer as she was driving away from the residence.

Silvan’s Wife told Mascotte Police, “He is very scary when he gets like that.”

Mascotte Officers arrived at the home on Alpine Street and asked the residents if Silvan was there, to which they stated he was not. One of the officers heard some noise in the back of the room and saw Silvan trying to conceal himself behind a chair. Are you trying to tell me that someone lied to the Police? I’m shocked, I’ll tell you. The officers then told Silva to come outside, which he did, and he was placed into custody.

Silvan was transported to the Lake County Jail and charged with aggravated assault/domestic violence with a $3,000 bond and resisting an officer without violence, which cost him a $1,000 bond.

Silvan was released after posting the $4,000 in bond money.

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Apparently, Mr. Silvan may have a drinking problem, and Ms. Silvan didn’t want her husband to get in any more trouble with the law. In September of 2022, Mr. Silvan was arrested for driving under the influence as well as driving without a license. He was arrested and had to post a $2,000 bond on those charges.

If he didn’t have a license in September, why not? Could it have already been suspended for driving under the influence?

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