Florida Man Burglarizes Home – Gets Arrested While Using Toilet

Florida Man James Hobbs, 43, went to the collier county jail after burglarizing a house in the Golden Gate area.

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Deputies were dispatched to a burglary in progress call, and when they arrived, they found old Jimmy sitting on the toilet in the house he just broke into, doing his “business”.

According to the homeowner, Hobbs walked up to his front door on December 27th and began demanding money from him. After being told to go away, Hobbs decided he really needed to go, and instead of leaving, he looked for another point of entry.

Hobbs hid near the homeowner’s car and then made his way to the backyard and entered via the door at the pool, which he destroyed. Then he broke the sliding glass door and entered the home.

The homeowner heard the burglar enter his home and fled to call 911. When deputies arrived, they conducted a building search, and lo and behold, Hobbs was on the toilet.

Deputies told Hobbs to get on the ground, but Hobbs refused to comply. In their arrest affidavit, deputies noted that Hobbs appeared to be “under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

Still sitting on the toilet, Hobbs refused to obey the lawful commands of the deputy. One of the deputies pulled out his taser and put the laser on Hobbs, letting him know that he was “fixing to Ride the Lightning.”

Hobbs reconsidered his choice and, got up without any further resistance, was placed into custody.

On his way to the Collier County Jail, Hobbs once again became arrogant and told the deputies that he needed them to “speed up” the process so that he could “get back to drinking.”

Hobbs faces several charges, including two counts of burglary of an occupied dwelling, disorderly intoxication, criminal mischief, and giving false information to law enforcement.

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