Florida Man Arrested After Christmas Package with His Drugs Gets Delivered to His Neighbor

Ryan Hunter Bluestone, 23, of Marco Island, took the ride of shame to the Collier County Jail after a package containing drugs intended for him was accidentally delivered to some neighbors of his with a similar name.

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The USPS priority mail package was delivered with the name “The Ryan Family” and contained a red envelope with a Christmas card. When the neighbors opened the card, they found three plastic bags with a “white powdery substance,” which later tested positive for cocaine. Also found in the package was fentanyl, which, as we’ve seen, is quite deadly even when handled without proper safety equipment. The neighbor called Marco Island Police to investigate.

The Marco Island Police Department arrived at the residence, tested the contents, and took the package with them back to the Police station.

The family who reported the package to the police stated they received a voicemail from the person they believed it was intended for. Bluestone got a phone call from the neighbors telling him he could pick up his package at the police station, So he showed up there to claim his package.

Chief Tracy Frazzano from the Marco Island Police Department spoke with WINK News about what happened.

“It’s the Christmas season. You know, people are getting packages in the mail from relatives and friends close and far away. The family received an envelope that was addressed to them,” Frazzano said.

“They opened it up, and they were very observant in the fact that when it was a white powdery substance, it caught their attention called the police department, and we went over there and took control of the package,” Frazzano said. “Never mail illegal drugs to yourself, and definitely don’t claim them from the Police Department.”

Marco Island Police Department said Bluestone went to the police station to claim the package that reportedly contained drugs. He was arrested without incident and transported to the Collier County jail, where he was released after posting a bond.

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