Florida Man and Son Open Fire On Innocent Woman They Thought Was an Intruder

Polk County is off the chain folks. Florida Man Geno Colincosta, 73, and his son Rocky, 15, of Winter Haven are facing attempted murder charges after they both fired shots at a woman, they mistakenly thought was an intruder.

When Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd begins a press conference by describing the shooting incident as something that “…you just absolutely cannot believe.” and “This ranks among the craziest stuff that I have seen in a while — and I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff,” You know it’s going to be good.

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Our story starts out with a good samaritan and neighbor living in the Arbours at Garden Grove apartment complex that Colincosta lives in at 4900 Cypress Gardens Road in Winter Haven. The good samaritan received a package of medicine at his door, so he took it over to Colincosta’s apartment, hanged it on his door, and left. Colincosta’s Ring video doorbell notified him someone was at the door, so naturally he thought it was a home invasion.

Colincosta’s 15 year old son Rocky, grabbed a .45 caliber pistol and went outside looking for the criminals. Geno followed shortly after with his .45 but had to get his cane first. Now both were outside ready for a gun battle. As they were scanning the area looking for the suspect, they spotted a woman sitting in a dark colored vehicle about 100 yards away in the complex parking lot. The woman was sitting in her vehicle looking through her phone, so she obviously had something to do with the attempted break in.

The two rocket scientists proceeded over to the car and Geno ordered the woman out of the vehicle while pointing his gun at her. Since the woman had nothing to do with any crime, she thought the two were attempting to carjack her. The woman threw the car in reverse, and Geno started shooting. Rocky saw what was happening and thought the woman was trying to run over his father, so he started shooting at the vehicle. The woman backed up crashing into a vehicle parked behind her, got the car in drive, and sped away. Geno and Rocky fired seven rounds in all.

Fortunately, the woman was not hit but deputies found a round lodged in the backside of the driver’s seat. Apparently, the round passed through the rear window and a baby seat in the back of the car before striking the driver’s seat.

Sheriff Judd was incredulous that the two would just start shooting at someone, let alone an innocent woman. Judd stated that the state of Florida has Castle Doctrine, as well as Stand Your Ground, and neither of those apply when you leave your home and go searching for someone to shoot.

Geno and Son were transported to their respective jails and charged with attempted murder amongst other charges.

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