Florida House Speaker Paul Renner Takes on Woke ‘ESG’ Standards in First Week

Newly elected Florida House Speaker Paul Renner has started to set his legislative agenda for the upcoming term.

He also planned a special session for December to address skyrocketing property insurance rates and to provide much-needed relief for victims of Hurricane Ian.

Renner made it clear that one of his priorities in regular session will be to roll back so-called ‘ESG’ factors used to determine Florida’s credit rating.

ESG, or Environmental and Social Governance factors, are used by state governments and multinational corporations as contributoring factors for where they will invest their money.

“In practice, ESG demands that companies adopt radical environmental and diversity goals and uses a scoring system to reward or punish companies based on their compliance,” Renner said.

Renner said ESG poses a “direct threat” to Florida’s pension fund and credit rating.

Renner said that ESG factors undermine the state’s Democracy and undermine national security by prioritizing a woke agenda over economic strength.

“These radical goals are causing a politically-induced energy crisis, raising prices at the pump and our electric bills. ESG increases our cost of living, undermines our national security, and bypasses the checks and balances of the democratic process,” he explained.

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During Renner’s acceptance speech, he said that credit rating agencies began requiring the state to provide data to measure compliance with “ESG’s political dogma.”

“ESG scoring will soon become a factor in our state’s credit rating, meaning fiscally irresponsible states like California could receive a better credit rating than Florida simply because they embrace ESG’s political agenda,” He said.

Governor DeSantis has also directed criticism at ESG standards.

Last week, DeSantis said that World Economic Forum policies, including WEF-backed ESG standards, were ‘dead on arrival’ in the state of Florida.

Earlier this year, he said that Florida’s economy would be “better off” if it was not politicized.

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“Do we want our society to be governed by some of the most economically elite and powerful interests in society?” DeSantis asked. “And I think our economy is going to be much better off if everything is not politicized. It used to be it wasn’t a political issue. You didn’t have to take positions on every little thing.”

During his acceptance speech, Renner also said that he would continue to focus on Florida’s education system, fighting back against a woke social agenda in public schools as DeSantis has done since he took office in 2018.

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