Florida House Passes Permitless Concealed Carry Bill, David Hogg Not Happy

The house has passed a bill that, if made into law, would dispose of the need for a license to carry concealed firearms.

The vote to pass the bill was primarily along party lines, ending with 76-32 in favor. Miami Republican Vicki Lopez was the one exception, breaking with her party and voting against the bill, while eleven lawmakers did not vote. As the vote spread indicates, this made for one of the most controversial bills of the legislative session so far.


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Rep. Chuck Brannan (R), who sponsored the legislation, spoke on the House floor before the vote and laid out his, ultimately winning, argument for passing the bill.

“I’ve got a news flash for you. Criminals don’t care a rat’s patootie about the law. They’re breaking in houses right now. They’re breaking in cars. This bill will simply allow Floridians to conceal carry their fire arm, once again, once again folks, without the red tape and expense of a government license. Florida will not become between you and your freedom to protect yourself anymore.”

The Miami Herald quoted the representative supporting the bill as well.

“This bill today recognizes that while the government always has a duty to protect its citizens, its citizens have a right to protect themselves,”

Several democrats objected to the measure. Representative Dan Daley argued that permitless carry would increase gun crime, such as in the Parkland School shooting. He did not, however, explain or give evidence for why he thought this was the case.


St. Petersburg Democrat Representative Michele Rayner-Goolsby made the same point but implied that conservatives’ concern about limiting the availability of sexually explicit content to children was contradictory to permitless concealed carry, according to the Miami Herald.


“Miss me on all this other legislation that if I don’t agree with it, I’m not protecting children. If you vote for this bill as it is now, I have to question your belief in protecting children.”

Leftist anti-second amendment commentator David Hogg claimed that Republicans’ motive to pass the bill must lobby and that the legislation will result in more shootings, but he also did not elaborate on why.

It should be noted that while a permit requirement to conceal carry is disappearing, licensing and safeguards will continue to exist for buying a gun, something one Twitter user pointed out.

“If you can’t legally own a gun, you can’t carry, before or after constitutional carry is law. Florida would be the 26th state to enact constitutional carry, and it would join states like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine in doing so.”

For this reason, South Riverview Republican Representative Mike Beltran proposed an amendment to the bill that would end the ban on open carry, allowing legal gun owners to carry their firearms outside their homes in a non-concealed fashion. The Miami Herald quoted him explaining his position.

“Prohibiting open carry is more arbitrary and provides fewer benefits than the licensing requirement that we are rightly repealing today.”

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Ultimately, however, the amendment was not included, but Beltran supported the legislation.

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