Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler Remains Neutral in Trump-DeSantis War, Promises to Support Winner

The Republican Party of Florida chairman Christian Ziegler has announced that he will remain neutral in the contest between Trump and  DeSantis for the presidential nomination, stressing he respects “both men” and will support whoever the nominee is.

When asked in an interview if he was a “Trump of DeSantis” guy, he responded that he is a “Republican Party Guy” and will focus on his job.



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I’m a Republican Party Guy. And as Chairman, I am going to make sure that we are prepared, trained & energized to mobilize for whomever the grassroots select as our Republican Nominee, while also working hard to ensure that the @FloridaGOP is the most organized, aggressive & successful State Party in the country. It’ll be tough and take a lot of work, but we’ll win and have some fun along the way.”

Ziegler elaborated on this idea further, saying, “I’m a party guy. … The easiest way to explain it is whoever our nominee is, whoever our candidate is, whoever our elected Republican is, I’m going to be their biggest cheerleader. That’s my job.”

Ziegler also dove into specific praise for both candidates, starting with praise for former President Trump, who he called “transformational.”


“Now, as for the specifics, President Trump, it’s hard to find anyone in the state of Florida, there were only a couple maybe, that were bigger supporters of his going into sixteen, from sixteen going in twenty, during twenty’s election. I was out there hustling because I think he was really a transformational candidate. He made the republican party into a fighting party, rather than a social club.”

Ziegler had no shortage of praise for Governor Ron DeSantis either, praising his work on cultural issues.

“Governor DeSantis, if you look at him, I’ve been his biggest cheerleader as well.All you have to do is Google Christian Ziegler and Ron DeSantis and you’ll see no none has been in the press more than I have promoting the Governor and what he’s done because I think he’s done an outstanding job especially on the cultural issues, which for me, are a big passion of mine.”

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Ziegler also talked about how DeSantis called Ziegler’s wife a “model school board candidate” and his closeness to DeSantis overall.

“He just appointed her to the Disney board in Orlando. She’s obviously very close with the governor as well. And even me, I mean, during his campaign, I was asked to help kick off his rallies and get the crowd going before he spoke. So I have a good relationship with both men. I respect both men. I’m going to work hard for whoever a nominee ends up being,”

By the end of the interview, Ziegler was re-iterating that he was chomping at the bit to organize for whoever won the nomination.


“I;m going to work hard for whoever the nominee ends up being. But my job with the party is to make sure that the grassroots are organized, mobilized energized. We’re out there executing on the ground for get out to vote for whoever our Republican nominee is….. we’re going to be the most organized, aggressive and successful state party in the entire country.”


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