Florida Deputy Saved With Narcan After Fentanyl Exposure – ‘Call EMS’

A Florida deputy is recovering in the hospital following a potentially fatal fentanyl exposure on the job. Flagler County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Huzior was performing a traffic stop on Thursday when he discovered the white powder in the suspect’s car. He collapsed almost immediately from exposure to the potent and deadly drug, prompting his partner to spring into action.

Huzior had pulled over 61-year-old George Clemons for fleeing the scene of an accident. Clemons had reportedly been driving erratically, almost causing several other accidents and weaving on and off the roadway. The deputies discovered narcotics, marijuana, an empty beer can, and a mini shooter of alcohol while searching his vehicle.

After spotting the fentanyl in Clemons’ car, Huzior donned personal protective equipment to test the powder. He can be seen feeling lightheaded almost immediately in the body camera footage, telling his partner, “I feel lightheaded.” He complained that he felt shaky and could not feel his arms or legs.

“Call EMS,” the deputy added.

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Deputy First Class Kyle Gaddie quickly ran to his partner’s side, administering a dose of Narcan to counteract the effects of the powerful opioid. When Huzior did not respond, Gaddie administered a second dose. He continued to stay with his partner and offer words of reassurance while Flagler County Fire officials arrived on the scene.

“I feel really dizzy,” Huzior later says. “My heart is beating really fast.” He also complained of his left hand and face going numb, to which his superior responded, “That’s probably the Narcan hitting you.”

Huzior was then taken to the hospital, where he is reportedly recovering.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid over 100 times more potent than morphine. While experts say that it cannot be absorbed through the skin and must be ingested, Huzior was confirmed by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Department to have been affected by the drug during the medical episode.

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“What happened yesterday is a perfect example of the dangers law enforcement face each and every day from poison on the streets,” Sheriff Rick Staly later said in a statement.

“Thankfully, our deputies are well-trained and equipped with Narcan, which allowed DFC Gaddie to potentially save the life of a fellow deputy.”

Clemons refused a sobriety test during the traffic stop and was charged by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office with DUI. He was also charged with fentanyl possession, cocaine possession, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of a legend drug without a prescription, possession of suboxone, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Bunnell Police Department additionally charged Clemons with leaving the scene of a crash with property or vehicle damage in connection with the hit-and-run.

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