Florida Dems Elect Nikki Fried to Lead Party, Republicans Celebrate 2024 Victory in Advance

Former Agriculture Commissioner and serial loser Nikki Fried was elected to lead the ailing Florida Democratic Party on Saturday. Fried bested three other candidates in a special election to replace former party chair Manny Diaz, who resigned after a devastating midterm defeat for Florida democrats. Taking over as the new captain of the Titanic, Fried said in a hilarious statement that she looked forward to electing Democrats “up and down the ballot.”

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“You better believe we are going to take it to Ron DeSantis every damn day,” Fried said in her victory speech at an Orlando hotel. The new party chair noted that the 2022 midterm results were “horrific” for democrats but pledged to rejuvenate the party by attracting “low dollar donations.”

“When we are showing success, when we are showing that we got a plan for success, the donors will be here.”

Fried vowed that the party would launch a major challenge to “zealous fascist dictator” Ron DeSantis and the Republicans next election cycle.
Floridians are not so convinced.

Recently-elected Florida GOP chair Christian Ziegler quickly shot back and said that Fried “is going to have to start by convincing the 65% of Democrats who rejected her just months ago.”

Ziegler was referring to Fried’s 2022 governor bid, which was stopped dead in the Democrat primary when she lost by 35 points to former governor Charlie Crist. Crist was later demolished by nearly 20 points in the head-to-head battle with Ron DeSantis.

Florida GOP vice chair Evan Powers joke, “I want to congratulate [Nikki Fried] and the [Florida Democrats] for this great victory for the [Florida GOP]! I have great faith that Nikki will continue the Dems down their failed and corrupt trajectory they have been on!”

This month, Florida Republicans celebrated a 400,000 vote advantage over Democrats regarding statewide voter registration. The figure represented a 700,000 vote swing from 2018 when Democrats held a 300,000 vote advantage and still failed to keep Ron DeSantis from the governor’s mansion. Today, the Florida GOP controls supermajorities in both legislative chambers.

“I am so looking forward to this,” one commenter wrote on Twitter. “On behalf of Twitter trolls all over Florida, I thank [Florida Democrats] for this gift that most assuredly will keep on giving.”

“Florida democrats just ensured Republican domination in the Sunshine State for the next decade,” Republican activist Scott Presler wrote. “Thank you!”

“Aww congrats Nikki!” Christina Pushaw said, tweeting out a solid red map of the state.

During her victory speech, Fried promised to take down Senator Rick Scott in 2024 and send him “home to Naples.” Florida Democrats previously stood behind Val Demings in an attempt to oust Marco Rubio in 2022. Demings’ campaign spent over $40 million on the challenge, only to lose by a whopping 16 points.

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When asked by reporters, Fried said she did not make any promises to Democrat committee members that she would forgo a future political campaign throughout the next two cycles.

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