Florida Democrat Chair Faces Pressure to Resign as Party Drowns in Red Wave

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz is facing increasing calls for his resignation after the party was swept away in Tuesday’s red wave that carried the Republican Party of Florida to flipping districts, winning statewide races in landslides, and winning a supermajority in the state legislature.

Even before the Democrats’ disastrous midterms, Diaz has been facing pressure. National party leader Thomas Kennedy

Even before the midterm debacle, Diaz faced criticisms from national party leader Thomas Kennedy, who demanded Diaz relinquish his position, according to The Capitolist.

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Kennedy told Politico that his dissatisfaction ran deep, lamenting the lack of presence the Democrats held in Florida.

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s election, which saw incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis beat Democrat challenger and former governor, Charlie Crist, by a whopping 20 points and 1.5 million votes, the Florida Democrats are floundering for answers.

There seems to be no clear path to revitalizing the Democratic Party in Florida. Hispanic voters are trending conservative, disproving the “demographics are destiny” fallacy popularized by former President Barack Obama that claims minority voting blocs are a monolith of progressive ideas.

According to Diaz, a coalition of Democratically affiliated groups spent $40 million in the Sunshine State in 2018 but just $1.56 million this year, demonstrating the national party’s waning hope at victory in the state.

Democrat consultant Kevin Cate tweeted out his utter lack of optimism.


“At the rate Florida is going, an NPA candidate for governor may have a better shot than a Democrat in 2026,”

Rising Democrat star Shevrin Jones published a letter to his Twitter account that got more explicit with the blame,  tacitly complimenting Florida Republicans’ organization compared to current, faltering party leadership.


“It’s no secret that last night was riddled with disappointment for Democrats in Florida. Republicans have done the work as they’ve built one of the most effective operations in the country. The other side has played the long game: prioritizing and investing in a statewide infrastructure with real depth and breadth, drawing favorable maps, and implementing consistent, concise messaging — and it’s paid off as they have gained control at every level of government.”

A democrat progressive caucus even called for Diaz’s resignation officially.


Plenty of users on Twitter echoed the sentiment, continuing to turn up the heat on Diaz.

Whether Diaz resigns, is voted out, or neither remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: things aren’t looking good for the Florida Democrat party or its chair.

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