Florida Dem. Wants to Increase Age to Buy Many Weapons to 25

On Thursday, U.S. Representative Jared Moskowitz, D-Fl. proposed legislation that would raise the minimum age to buy semi-automatic weapons to 25.

The bill would prohibit people under 25 from buying a wide range of firearms, including AR-type weapons such as the AR-15 and many handguns.

“Our communities are plagued by gun violence. What will it take to protect our children? We can’t continue to needlessly endure heartbreak after heartbreak as our public places become targets of violence,” Moskowitz said in a written statement.

Now apologize to an angel mom for not doing anything about the border crisis, which is killing far more young people than guns. You won't need to violate anyone's constitutional right to fix that.~Joe Budd Click to Tweet

Moskowitz has been one of the leading proponents of gun control in Congress as he represents Parkland, Florida, the site of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that claimed the lives of seventeen people.

“We no longer need moments of silence; we need moments of action. I refuse to think that nothing can get done,” he added.

Despite Moskowitz winning his election by a narrow 4.8 percent margin, he has been a staunch proponent of gun control and received an F- rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA), something he has said he takes pride in.

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Despite his focus on gun control, one Twitter user pointed out that the age restriction would effectively ban 25-year-olds from buying most guns.

His Republican opponent in the 2022 elections, former House candidate and Florida Republican State Committeeman Joe Budd, also had some words.

“Americans everywhere empathize with those who lose loved ones at the hands of demented psychopaths, cold-hearted criminals, or some other type of tragedy. But we don’t prosecute or penalize law-abiding citizens for the acts of others. Guns don’t commit crimes.” Budd began.

He further said that gun control would be ineffective in preventing mass shootings.

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“Moskowitz’s instinct of grabbing guns is NOT a solution and will have no impact on reducing shootings. Criminals don’t obey laws. I come from a long line of police—my father, grandfather, multiple uncles, all the way back to constables in the 18th century. Guns were everywhere.” ~Joe Budd

Law enforcement organizations in Florida’s 23rd District seemed to agree, endorsing Budd over Moskowitz during the 2022 election.

Budd said lawmakers should focus on bipartisan solutions that could reduce violence, such as mental health and the corrosive effect of violent video games/media that minors often consume.

“Every time I go hunting, I carry the rifle my grandfather gave me when I was 16. I purchased a rifle for my son when he was 16 years old. Those rifles have never hurt anyone. Do something we really need to do. Study the effects of these “behavioral medicines” handed out like candy. Study the effects of desensitization to human life these violent video games cause.” He said.

He ended with a devastating blow to Congressional Democrats and Biden’s open-borders policies, saying they ‘kill far more people’ than guns.

“Now apologize to an angel mom for not doing anything about the border crisis, which is killing far more young people than guns. You won’t need to violate anyone’s constitutional right to fix that.”

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