Florida Cop Almost Dies from Fentanyl Poisoning During Traffic Stop

Florida Police Officer Courtney Bannick of the Tavares Police department is doing good after nearly dying from fentanyl poisoning after being exposed to the deadly drug during a traffic stop.

Bannick conducted a traffic stop that evening and found narcotics on the passenger wrapped up in a dollar bill. Bannick arrested the passenger and transported her to jail.

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After Bannick delivered her arrestee to jail, she started to feel the effects of Fentanyl poisoning and had trouble breathing. Her fellow officers heard her struggling to breathe over their radios. Bannick then called for help, and officers rushed to her aid.

Bodycam footage showed Bannick on the side of the road as her fellow officers led her from her car to the sidewalk.

As they got to the sidewalk, Bannick was drifting in and out of consciousness, and she fell on her back as officers administered Narcan spray.

While waiting on paramedics, Bannick is seen leaning on another officer and breathing heavily when suddenly she starts to pass out. Officers began shouting at her to breathe as they shook her awake and had to administer more doses of Narcan before regaining consciousness.

Bannick was transported to the hospital and was treated and released.

The Tavares Police department said Bannick was wearing gloves and followed all protocols properly when handling the Fentanyl.

‘I have done this one-hundred times before the same way. It only takes one time and a minimal amount,’ Bannick stated after the incident. ‘I’m thankful I wasn’t alone and had immediate help.’

Tavares Police said the names of the individuals who were in possession of the narcotics will not be released until they are charged.

With the influx of Fentanyl due to the open border, Florida Jolt Readers may want to acquire some Naloxone, or as it’s sold under its brand name Narcan for just such an emergency. it’s the most effective tool doctors and first responders have against a Fentanyl overdose, and it’s issued to first responders.

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