Florida Caterer Sued Over Marijuana-Laced Food at Wedding

Florida caterer Jocelyn Bryant, 31, and bride Danya Glenny, 42, took a ride to the Seminole County jail accused of tampering with food that wedding guests claimed was laced with marijuana.

On February 19, 2022, Seminole County deputies were dispatched to the Springs Clubhouse at 400 Woodbridge Road in Longwood to assist the Seminole County Fire Department when 911 calls started flooding into the communications center on what was initially a medical call turned into a criminal investigation.

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Several people at the venue complained of stomach pains and vomiting, and one victim requested transport to South Seminole Hospital because he was “feeling weird” and stated he felt like he “had drugs inside him,” deputies said.

Another victim told deputies she suspected the food was “laced with possible cannabis” wanted to go to the hospital and vowed to prosecute. At least three other wedding guests also wished to press charges, and two people were noted as being too incoherent to give a written statement, deputies said.

One victim was caught on bodycam wandering around the venue not knowing what he should do. He asked the deputies, and they told him he should definitely not drive home.

Deputies contacted the bride, Danya Glenny, and asked her if she had consented to or requested any of the food to contain cannabis products, which she denied. Deputies attempted to locate the owner of the catering service, later identified as Jocelyn Bryant of Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen. Deputies said that unfortunately all catering staff had either left or were just starting to drive off.

In an interview with Inside Edition, one of the guests claimed to have asked Glenny if she put cannabis in the olive oil, to which she said yes.

Leftover food items and dishware were submitted into evidence for testing, and according to the arrest affidavit, some lasagna and bread tested positive for cannabis.

The bride Danya Glenny, and the cannabis caterer Jocelyn Bryant were arrested and transported to the Seminole County jail. Both were charged with food tampering, culpable negligence, and delivery of marijuana.

On Monday, Virginia Ann Tayor-Svoboda filed a lawsuit against Joycelyn Bryan. In her suit, Taylor-Svoboda states that after ingesting the food at the wedding, she became “immediately ill” and she suffers from “severe, permanent injuries”. She is seeking more than $30,000 in damages and has demanded a jury trial.  Her suit also stated that Bryan was negligent in putting the marijuana into the food.

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