Florida Burglars Call 911- Ask Deputies for Help Moving Stolen Goods

Florida couple Martin Gonzalez-Garcia, 23, and Ashializ Roldan-Oscasio, 22 took the ride of shame to the Polk County Jail after they burglarized a Poinciana home and then called 911 for help moving their belongings.

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911 operators stated that no one spoke when the call came into the Communications center, so Polk County Deputies were dispatched to the home to investigate. Upon arrival, the deputies believed the residence was empty. While doing a perimeter check, they found an unlocked sliding glass door and entered. Once inside, deputies found the pair and identified them. It turns out there was a BOLO issued for Gonzalez-Garcia as he was a burglary suspect at a Dollar General store in Kissimmee and stole several items earlier in the day.

The pair stated they were staying in the residence because they needed to find a place to stay for the night.

According to the arrest affidavit, Martin was Mirandized and stated in a recorded statement that:

“He did commit the burglary at the Dollar General because he needed to get items to sell to make money, he knew what he did was wrong, but needed the money, and he knew the residence was not his and did not have permission to be inside but had to get inside to get out of the cold.”

The home in question is for sale, and deputies contacted the realtor, who stated he didn’t give the suspects permission to be inside the residence and would press charges.

According to Fox 13, While talking to deputies, Roldan-Oscasio told them that she had called 911 to have law enforcement help them move their belongings from the house they burglarized, according to the agency. They also wanted to get a ride to the airport to spend the weekend in New York.

According to a Polk County Sheriff’s Facebook post:

She said she called 911 for the purpose of having law enforcement assist her and Martin with moving their belongings from the house (the one they were burglarizing), and they were trying to get a ride to the airport because they wanted to go to New York for the weekend. Deputies DID help them with their belongings and DID give them a ride, but it wasn’t to the airport…it was to the Polk Pokey. And they are welcome to stay there all weekend long. The Polk Pokey is much better than New York anyway.

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Gonzalez-Garcia was charged with burglary and petit theft related to the dollar general, as well as burglary of a residence. Roldan-Oscasio was charged with burglary of a residence. The pair were also charged with possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. They were both transported to the Polk Pokey.

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