Florida Boy Told to Clean His Room Stabs Mom and Beats Her With a Frying Pan

Florida boy Tobias Jacob Brewer, 17, of Cocoa, stabbed his mom and beat her with a frying pan because his mom was “constantly on his case” about cleaning his room. Information is now being released about the case that happened back in November.

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On November 30, 2022, Cocoa Police responded to 1202 Japonica Lane after they received a 911 call from the mother of one of Tobias’ friends. She told the emergency operator that her son said, “Toby killed his mother.”

According to the arrest affidavit, upon arrival, the Cocoa police found Tobias’ mom lying on her back in the doorway to the laundry room with multiple stab wounds, her nose almost wholly cut off, and covered in blood.

As officers were called for paramedics, the victim said, “Toby did this,” the report reads. She was airlifted to a hospital and was listed in critical condition.

During the investigation, Brewer’s friend and another male stated they were at the front of the Brewer house when they heard loud bangs coming from the back of the residence. The male said they walked to the back of the house and saw Brewer standing over his mother, holding a frying pan with his mother saying, “Toby, stop.”

Brewer then left the scene in his mom’s black Kia Rio. The two friends/witnesses got into a gray Jeep Wrangler that also belonged to Brewer’s mom and followed him to his girlfriend’s house, where the girl left with Brewer.

Police pinged Brewers’ cell phone and located him traveling north on Interstate 95 in Volusia County. Volusia County deputies were able to identify the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop, but Brewer fled and was now heading south on I-95.

Brewer got off I-95 at exit 231 and crashed into the woods. Brewer and his girlfriend bailed out and fled into the woods but were captured.

During an interview with Brewer, he admitted to stabbing his mom multiple times and hitting his mother in the head with a frying pan until the handle broke.

On December 15th Brewer was transported to the Brevard County Jail, where he was charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder, grand theft of a motor vehicle, criminal conspiracy, and fleeing and eluding law enforcement. He is being held without bond.

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