Fla. State Rep Paula Stark Has Written Books for Kids That Moms Will Love

In today’s digital age, parents and grandparents often worry about the content their children consume, especially regarding educational resources. However, Florida State Representative Paula Stark of St. Cloud has taken a remarkable initiative to address this concern. With her passion for education and desire to make learning fun and safe, she has authored books on famous historical figures turned into animals to charm young readers, providing children with an engaging and secure learning experience. She’s already published five of the A to Z series of books, starting with Abraham the Alligator.  

Republican State Rep Paula Stark’s first book, Abraham the Alligator, is a children’s book about Abraham Lincoln that moms can feel great about reading to their kids. It is both educational and wholesome.

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Stark was elected to the Florida House in 2022. She started her career in advertising and eventually became the publisher of a community newspaper in Kissimmee, Florida. She has been involved in her St. Cloud community for many years. She is currently the Executive Director of the St Cloud Main Street program for economic development through historic preservation. Main Street works with government entities, making running for office a natural progression.

Florida State Rep and Children’s book author Paula Stark.

Stark considered running for mayor but thought, “Why not go big and see what happens?” This bold move paid off. She became a Republican state representative for a newly redistricted area considered Democrat. It was a perfect fit for this family-oriented mother of two and grandmother of three who deeply values “main street” life and historic preservation.

Stark’s first book was Abraham the Alligator. It is an adorable book for children about Abraham Lincoln. After the success of her first book, she has kept going with Babe, the Bear, about baseball legend Babe Ruth; Cleo the Cat, about Queen Cleopatra, Davy the Dog, about Davy Crockett, “King of the wild frontier,” and her latest favorite so far, Eleanor the Eagle, about Eleanor Roosevelt. The plan is to teach children history, one letter at a time. 

Stark’s books are geared toward young children up to fourth grade. The idea is to get families involved by encouraging parents and grandparents to read these books to their kids. She feels that kids just aren’t learning the same way that they used to, and this is an excellent way for families to connect. Some upcoming books are George the Giraffe, about George Washington, and Henry, the Horse, about Henry Ford and “horsepower.” 

Each book has a historical fact sheet that both children and adults will enjoy. This one is from Davy the Dog.

Stark’s family has been her biggest cheerleaders, especially her husband. When asked what her favorite part about being a state representative is, she said coming home and talking with her constituents. She genuinely loves helping people. As for advice for would-be authors, she says;

If you’re going to write and that’s what you want, that’s really what you should be pouring your time into and nothing else. ~Representative Paula Stark

Stark’s dedication to education and commitment to providing children with fun and safe learning experiences is commendable. Her books on famous historical figures ignite young minds and offer parents and grandparents peace of mind, knowing their children engage with reliable and appropriate content. By blending education and entertainment, Stark’s work plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of curious, knowledgeable, and well-rounded individuals.

Paula Stark has published five books in her historical series so far. There will be one for every letter in the article. Some upcoming books are George the Giraffe, about George Washington, and Henry the Horse, about Henry Ford.

Between new legislation she’s planning on passing next session and more books to inspire children, moms can be secure knowing that they have great books to share with their kids; Stark’s next chapter will be exciting. 

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