FL Rep. Randy Fine Delivers Fiery & Emotional Speech On Israel & Jews

Florida Speaker of the House Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast, and the Florida House held a presser yesterday, State Rep. Randy Fine, R-Brevard, delivered a fiery and emotional one hundred percent pro-Israel, “don’t look away” message. This war isn’t a new story but a replay of something going on for thousands of years. As Fine stated in his stirring speech, “Turns out the Holocaust never ended. It just went into hibernation.”.”

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Fine started by stating what most know of the Holocaust;

Until last Saturday, for most of us in this room, the Holocaust existed in history books and museums. In black and white photographs, Schindler’s List, and Anne Frank’s Diary. ~Representative Randy Fine

Rep. Fine has taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express his disgust for what’s going on in Israel. Some feel that his “in your face” attitude is too much. Others think it’s essential to get the information out. Some of his speech was graphic but necessary. The point was to make it impossible to look away from what’s been happening.

I can’t wrap my head around what could drive a person to take a knife and slice off the head of a baby. Can you? Can you understand what kind of person would burn an elderly person alive? What kind of man rapes a living girl lying next to their dead friends. ~Representative Randy Fine

Fine implored those watching;

To change who you are and what you think. Because we have to face a truth that many of us have refused to for too Long…

Turn on the news, and what you will see both in this country and around the world is the largest-scale demonstration of anti-semitism in the history of the world. They no longer feel the need to hide their desire to kill Jews; they scream it in front of the camera. You need to understand that Jews, not just in Israel but right here in Florida, do not feel safe today. ~Representative Randy Fine

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Speaker of the House Paul Renner with Senate President Kathleen Passidomo on his left and State Rep. Randy Fine to his right

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Then Fine shared a deeply personal story about a girl named Lizzie who survived a brutal attack against her Jewish family, not now but one hundred years ago, in Russia. It was a powerful story about a brave little girl who turned out to be his own grandmother. Most don’t know that everyone Jewish will have a similar tale of horror to share with you. 

Rep. Randy Fine’s Israel speech

Crowd for Randy Fine Speech
Randy Fine’s speech drew a substantial crowd

Many legislators attended the press event and supported Israel in solidarity. State Representative Mike Caruso, R-West Palm Beach, has passed significant legislation in Florida, ensuring that antisemitic incidents in our schools are handled like racist ones. His historic 2023 bill makes certain criminal acts with religious and ethnic hatred are criminalized as felonies instead of misdemeanors. These laws were motivated by a large wave of antisemitic incidents in Florida. He has been a staunch supporter of the Jewish community and proudly stood alongside Representative Randy Fine in Israel when Governor DeSantis signed this latest bill into law.  Representative Caruso had this to say;

I am honored to stand with leadership from the House and Senate, both Republicans and Democrats, to condemn the heinous attacks by Hamas on innocent Israeli citizens. I am proud that Florida is standing United for Israel and its people and Jews throughout the world. ~Representative Mike Caruso

Randy Fine speech
Randy Fine delivering his fiery speech on behalf of the Jewish people and Israel

Israel must defend itself and destroy Hamas. This is a war of good versus evil. America and Florida are on the right side. Neutrality and complacency is not an option. This presser sent a powerful message. 

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