FL Rep. Angie Nixon Introduces Anti-Semitic Pro-Hamas Cease-Fire Resolution

State Representative Angie Nixon, D-Duval, tried to pass House Resolution 31C in Florida House, calling for a cease-fire in Gaza or, as she refers to it, “Palestine,” despite voting with every other state legislator in Florida just months ago in support of Jews. Nixon has posted multiple statements on X, formerly known as Twitter, supporting openly anti-Israel federal lawmakers such as Tlaib, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, and Pressley, among others. Hamas’s sole purpose is to exterminate every Jewish person on the planet, so let’s call this pro-Palestinian support what it is: antisemitism.

Nixon claimed during her floor speech to be against Hamas, but her actions say otherwise. She has never stood in support of Israel, and some of her comments today seem to be more about race-baiting than concern about any innocent people she’s supposedly concerned about. I believe Nixon is an antisemite. When her losing arguments were failing miserably during the debate, she even threw in her version of progressive antisemite Ilhan Omar’s “it’s all about the Benjamin’s” one-time rant by stating that fellow representatives in the  Florida House were in support of Israel for fundraising purposes. Republican reps such as Mike Caruso, R-West Palm Beach, and Randy Fine, R-Brevard, gave impassioned speeches against antisemitism and Nixon’s insulting resolution. Many from Nixon’s party debated against Nixon as well. They stood firmly with Jews and Israel.

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Notable debates came from Rep Hillary Cassel, D-Broward, and Rep Mike Gottlieb, D-Broward, who were outstanding.

It was great to see that, except for a tiny minority, every rep on the good vs. evil war was on the side of good. The only representative in support of Nixon was Representative Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando. Florida needs to denounce both of these representatives immediately. Nixon’s posts on X are disgusting. During her losing debates today, she talked nonstop about “the babies,” but none of these babies included Israeli babies who have been stabbed, beheaded, and put in ovens. This latest resolution stunt is reprehensible, and the legislature should call for her immediate censure.

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The first paragraph in Nixon’s two-page resolution reads;

De-escalation and Cease-fire in the State of Israel and Occupied Palestine, Protection of Constitutional Rights, and Advocation for Dignity and Safety of Residents:

A resolution calling for an immediate de-escalation and cease-fire in the State of Israel and occupied Palestine, supporting the protection of the constitutional rights of Floridians, and advocating for the dignity and safety of residents in every community.

Complete House Resolution 31C here.

Rep Mike Gottlieb, D-Broward, and Rep Hillary Cassel, D-Broward, solidly supported Israel.


On November 6th, a ninety-four-year-old holocaust survivor told his story. November 7th session started with a Rabbi discussing the dangers for Jews in this country and blessing the House with a prayer in both English and Hebrew. Florida sends a clear message by having Jewish leaders set the tone for the special session. 

Full Disclosure: Tracy Caruso is married to FL Rep. Mike Caruso

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We cannot and will not support evil. As Rep. Caruso stated,

The Holocaust cannot be justified. 9/11 cannot be justified. October 7th cannot be justified.

~Rep Mike Caruso

We cannot be silent about what’s happening in the world. Staying quiet and being politically correct is part of why we now live in a world many didn’t see coming. Never again is now, and if we do nothing, next time, it won’t be something that’s going on “over there.” It will be what’s happening in our backyards.

Today, the House voted the right way. It was a proud day for Florida.

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